Government Implements Measures to Combat Black Marketing of Fertilizers
Government Implements Measures to Combat Black Marketing of Fertilizers

Government Implements Measures to Combat Black Marketing of Fertilizers

  • 10-May-2023 4:55 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

India: The government has implemented several strategies to tackle wrongdoing and ensure that farmers receive top-quality fertilizers. Thanks to these measures, the country's fertilizer stock is no longer being diverted or sold illegally. To keep a strict watch and curb the supply of substandard fertilizers throughout the country, as well as prevent activities like diversion, hoarding, and illegal selling, specialized teams of dedicated police - Fertilizer Flying Squads (FFS) - have been established.

In a recent development, the Fertiliser Flying Squads conducted surprise checks on mixing units, Single Superphosphate (SSP) units, and NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) units across 15 states and UTs. As a result, over 370 inspections were carried out, and thirty FIRs have been filed for Urea diversion.

Excluding GSTN seizures, a total of 70,000 suspected Urea bags have been seized in Haryana, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, and Rajasthan. In accordance with FCO regulations, 26,199 bags have been disposed of. The FFS also inspected three border districts in Bihar (Araria, Purnia, and W. Champaran), leading to the lodging of three FIRs against Urea-diversion units. Furthermore, ten manufacturing facilities in border areas, including three that produce mixtures, have been deauthorized.

112 mixture producers have lost their authorizations due to insufficient documentation and process errors. Additionally, test samples have been on the rise, with 268 samples tested so far. Out of the samples tested, 89 (33%) have been considered substandard, and 120 (45%) have been found to contain neem oil.

The diversion of heavily subsidized Urea intended for farmers has resulted in a shortage of fertilizers amidst global economic downturns. To ensure benefits for farmers, the Indian government is offering Urea at reasonable prices, with a 45 kg bag selling for only ?266 instead of the normal cost of about ?2,500. However, Urea has multiple applications across industries, such as UF resin/glue, plywood, resin, crockery, moulding powder, dairy products, and industrial mining explosives. Various private companies are diverting the subsidized product, causing a scarcity of Urea for farmers.

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