Groundbreaking Ceremony Signals Start of CARBIOS' PET Biorecycling Plant Construction
Groundbreaking Ceremony Signals Start of CARBIOS' PET Biorecycling Plant Construction

Groundbreaking Ceremony Signals Start of CARBIOS' PET Biorecycling Plant Construction

  • 30-Apr-2024 3:56 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

CARBIOS (Euronext Growth Paris: ALCRB), a trailblazer in the advancement and implementation of biological technologies to revolutionize the lifecycle of plastics and textiles, commemorated today the commencement of construction for the world's inaugural PET biorecycling facility. The event witnessed the presence of delegates from local authorities, partner brands, and industrial collaborators, all integral components of CARBIOS' collaborative ecosystem. Situated in Longlaville, within the Grand-Est region of France, CARBIOS' inaugural commercial facility marks a pivotal milestone in combating plastic pollution, offering a large-scale solution for the enzymatic depolymerization of PET waste to propel the circular economy for plastics and textiles. The facility is projected to process 50kt/year of prepared waste at full operational capacity. Construction progresses on schedule, with substantial quantities slated for delivery to customers by 2026.

PET, the world's second most utilized plastic, is predominantly derived from oil. However, with CARBIOS' enzymatic biorecycling technology, PET will no longer rely on oil but will instead be sourced from its own waste. This technological advancement creates fresh avenues for recycling various materials such as multilayered, colored, and opaque trays from packaging waste, as well as polyester textile waste, which have previously been minimally or not recycled at all, thus imparting value to these materials. Furthermore, this breakthrough positions France at the forefront of green innovation, bolstering its reindustrialization efforts and enhancing its leadership in transitioning to a sustainable economy.

Tomorrow marks the commencement of a technological revolution as CARBIOS breaks ground on its plant in Longlaville, heralded as the world's pioneering biorecycling facility. A testament to French ingenuity, this milestone underscores the symbiotic relationship between ecological transition, growth, and innovation, all proudly made in France. - Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

Amidst ongoing negotiations for an international treaty addressing plastic pollution in Ottawa, the inauguration of CARBIOS' biorecycling plant holds profound significance. It underscores France's dedication to ecological transition and showcases our capacity to transform challenges into opportunities for a more sustainable tomorrow. This groundbreaking facility, a global pioneer, epitomizes French innovation in tackling intricate environmental issues, providing a sustainable pathway towards a future where plastic and textile waste are repurposed into invaluable resources, fostering a truly circular economy. - Christophe Béchu, Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.

This inauguration symbolizes the green industrial revolution we've been driving over the past year: French technology that prioritizes sustainability, innovation, and job creation. It also exemplifies the approach I'm implementing across all industrial sectors: the ecology of the contract. With the backing of the French government, both financially and administratively, the new CARBIOS plant in Longlaville will eliminate a significant technological hurdle for advancing the textile recycling industry in France. - Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate in charge of Industry.

It's a source of pride to endorse the establishment of the world's inaugural PET biorecycling plant. CARBIOS epitomizes our vision of contemporary, conscientious reindustrialization, positioning the Grand Est region as a focal point in the ecological transition. This pivotal innovation in combating plastic pollution will also generate 150 employment opportunities in the Longlaville vicinity. - Franck Leroy, President of Grand-Est Region.

At CARBIOS, we've transformed our vision into tangible reality with the commencement of the world's premier PET biorecycling facility. Our groundbreaking enzymatic depolymerization technology heralds a new era in plastic recycling, shifting from oil reliance to a circular economy fueled by PET waste itself. CARBIOS remains steadfast in its mission, forging collaborations with strategic partners globally and embarking on a promising journey of commercial and international expansion. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partner brands and industrial collaborators present, notably L'Oréal Groupe, L'Occitane en Provence, PUMA, Suntory Beverage & Food Europe, Salomon, On, CITEO, and Novonesis, whose contributions have been pivotal to the success of this landmark occasion. - Emmanuel Ladent, CEO of CARBIOS.

Through the amalgamation of science, dedicated teams, private and public investments, and steadfast partnerships, we have the capacity to contribute to our planet's preservation. The inauguration of the Longlaville plant signifies the commencement of our industrial and commercial expansion, positioning CARBIOS on the trajectory to become a global leader in plastic recycling in the forthcoming years. - Philippe Pouletty, Founder and President of the Board, CARBIOS.

We take immense pride in our enduring partnership with CARBIOS, a journey that commenced nearly seven years ago with the establishment of a consortium aimed at industrializing plastic biorecycling. Subsequently, in 2019, we further solidified our commitment by participating in CARBIOS' capital increase through our private equity fund, BOLD (Business Opportunities for L'Oréal Development). The groundbreaking ceremony for CARBIOS’ PET biorecycling plant marks yet another pivotal moment. It underscores the expansion of this groundbreaking technology, which plays a significant role in fostering sustainable plastic lifecycle management. We firmly believe in the collaborative efforts to forge future solutions with our partners, inching closer each day towards achieving our sustainable development goals. The partnership between L'Oréal Groupe and CARBIOS stands as a testament to this shared vision. - Antoine Vanlaeys, COO, L’Oréal Groupe.

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