High Inflation Causes Caustic Soda Prices to Sustain an Uptrend in Europe and Asia

High Inflation Causes Caustic Soda Prices to Sustain an Uptrend in Europe and Asia

High Inflation Causes Caustic Soda Prices to Sustain an Uptrend in Europe and Asia

  • 26-Sep-2022 6:22 PM
  • Journalist: Henry Locke

Rising production cost has been hampering the market dynamics of several commodities in the global market. As per the latest assessment, the global Caustic Soda market has showcased a significant price hike during September 2022, bolstered by ongoing uncertainties regarding energy prices amidst concern over the looming recession.

The latest assessment shows a hike of around 8.2% in Germany by the third week of September 2022, owing to prolonged high energy prices, which has exacerbated the overall inflationary pressure in the country. According to market players, energy prices have risen effectively, affecting production costs in the country and have compelled key market players to keep revising their offers. Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, German makers have been concerned over energy supplies, which bothered the country when Russia announced supply cuts by the NS-1 pipeline.

Similarly, other European nations also witnessed a similar market sentiment in the meantime, as the high input costs amidst supply disturbances remained a major concern for key players. As per the data, in the UK, Caustic Soda prices showcased a significant price revision of around 6.4%, driven by supply disturbances, high domestic freight charges, and expensive imports from neighboring European nations.

On the other side, the Asian market maintained overall stability in the meantime, and marginal fluctuations were observed in the prices of Caustic Soda. The data shows that China Caustic Soda prices declined marginally during the second week of the month, which later rebounded to their previous price by the end of the third week.

The demand fundamentals for the product have remained firm in the domestic textile segment in Europe and Asia. Meanwhile Asian market has been moving towards looming festive demand, which has already induced optimism. According to the ChemAnalyst analyst, Caustic Soda consumption will likely rise across the Asian market and its prices in the coming months. Additionally, prices may not ease down in the coming weeks, as the current cost pressure will not let it.


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