Himadri Speciality Chemical’s Carbon Black Expansion Line Commences at Mahistikry, West Bengal

  • 30-Jan-2020
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

On March 15, 2018, Himadri Speciality Chemical has made announcement about investment of Rs. 1,000 crores for expanding its Carbon Black business. With the existing Carbon Black capacity of 120,000 MTPA, the company was able to satisfy only half of the total demand of Carbon black in the domestic market. Rest of the demand was being fulfilled through imports from China, Korea, USA, Russia, etc. However, the total domestic demand of Carbon Black is close to 80,000 Tonnes and is expected to increase further due to its growing application of different grades of Carbon Black in tires, high performance coatings, plastics, etc. This made Anurag Chaudhary, CEO of the company, propose for a new Carbon Black line in its existing integrated plant at Mahistikry in West Bengal. A new Carbon Black line of 60,000 MTPA has commenced operations from January 29, 2020 making the total capacity 180,000 MTPA. After commencement of the plant, Himadri Speciality Chemical is in a position to satisfy 70 per cent of the domestic demand and the company is anticipated to generate additional revenue of Rs. 2,500 – 3,000 crores from the new Carbon Black line.  

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