How Ammonium Carbonate price going strong in the Global Market
How Ammonium Carbonate price going strong in the Global Market

How Ammonium Carbonate price going strong in the Global Market

  • 07-Apr-2022 4:49 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

The price of Ammonium Carbonate increased this month, following the global rise in ammonia costs. The upstream ammonia and carbon dioxide gas prices and rising natural gas prices pushed the Ammonium Carbonate prices higher. Farmers in India and the downstream end consumers were cautious of the country's fertilizer prices ahead of the next Kharif season. Due to the high upstream values such as Natural Gas and Coal, prices in the global market have been growing for an extended period. The rising cost of ammonium carbonate influenced the food industries, as it is primarily ascribed to bakeries and is known as Baker's Ammonia.

Prices for Ammonium Carbonate have been steadily growing for a long time, owing to the rising gas prices, high demand from the United States, supply issues, and market disruptions in the United States. The downstream agriculture business is concerned about a lack of fertilizer supplies, as total inventory levels in all major sectors are well below historic levels, while consumption has remained strong.

As a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, prices for various commodities have risen, putting pressure on fertilizer costs. As China is a crucial Carbonate supplier, South Korean logistics companies are bearing the brunt of China's export limitations, which have pushed up Ammonium Carbonate costs in the region. Furthermore, producers indicated the challenges they encounter in obtaining raw materials and the rising freight costs.

As per ChemAnalyst, "With the start of spring ploughing, domestic fertiliser is in high demand, and the stores are stockpiling supplies. In the short term, the Ammonium Carbonate market is expected to stay optimistic. As a result, prices are projected to climb in the following days as producers anticipate robust buying activity in China and India. Higher input costs and rising demand are expected to keep the prices rising."

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