IFFCO's Nano DAP Fertiliser, Finally Ready to Hit the Market
IFFCO's Nano DAP Fertiliser, Finally Ready to Hit the Market

IFFCO's Nano DAP Fertiliser, Finally Ready to Hit the Market

  • 06-Mar-2023 12:16 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

New Delhi: IFFCO, a cooperative organisation that introduced nano liquid urea, announced that the Ministry of Agriculture has given them the green light to launch their newly developed nano DAP fertiliser. According to U S Awasthi, IFFCO's Managing Director, the Fertiliser Control Order (FCO) was amended and updated based on the positive results from its test runs.

Awasthi recently announced that IFFCO will be releasing nano DAP for just Rs 600 per 500 ml bottle, making it equal to one bag of DAP which usually costs Rs 1,350. This move is expected to save India a significant amount of foreign exchange and reduce government subsidy.

In June 2021, IFFCO launched its innovative nano urea in liquid form to give farmers an alternative to conventional urea. This marks the start of IFFCO's foray into launching a range of nano-fertilisers, with plans for nano Potash, nano Zinc and nano Copper fertilisers already in the pipeline. The company has also set up manufacturing plants to produce the revolutionary new type of urea.

India is facing a shortage of urea and other soil nutrients, with domestic production falling short of demand. To make up the shortfall, the country has been relying on imports to provide farmers with the necessary nutrient inputs to keep their crops healthy and productive. Unfortunately for those farmers hoping for a subsidy, nano urea - one such essential soil nutrient - does not qualify for government support and is currently being sold at Rs 240 per bottle. Conventional urea, however, does enjoy a generous subsidy from the government, helping to ensure that these farmers get access to this essential soil nutrient at an affordable price.

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