Impact Recycling and Syklo Collaborate on Finland’s Largest Plastic Recycling Facility
Impact Recycling and Syklo Collaborate on Finland’s Largest Plastic Recycling Facility

Impact Recycling and Syklo Collaborate on Finland’s Largest Plastic Recycling Facility

  • 20-Feb-2024 4:59 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

Finland-based waste sorting company Syklo has entered into a partnership with UK-based Impact Recycling to construct the largest plastic recycling plant in Finland. Envisioned to process 50,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste annually, the facility is slated for construction in the southern city of Hyvinkää, with commissioning expected in 2025.

The plant will leverage Impact Recycling's advanced technology to effectively separate various plastic types from post-consumer mixed plastic waste streams. This process will result in the production of high-quality and recyclable products with an 'exceptionally high yield,' as highlighted by Syklo.

Established in 2014, Impact Recycling has pioneered a plastic recycling technology known as the Baffled Oscillation Separation System (BOSS). This innovative system efficiently separates post-consumer mixed plastic waste into two consistent streams of post-consumer resin—polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP)—each boasting an impressive 98% purity. BOSS achieves this by amplifying subtle differences in relative densities between polymers through the manipulation of fluid dynamic principles of water. The patented system employs oscillation to generate specific flow patterns in the water, impacting different polymer types in unique ways.

In addition to its recycling capabilities, Syklo's planned facility emphasizes sustainable practices by distilling and reusing the wastewater generated during the recycling process. Notably, the facility will address concerns related to microplastics by drying the sludge containing such particles, thereby preventing their release into water bodies.

Teemu Koskea, CEO of Syklo, highlighted the enhanced efficiency of the proposed facility, stating, "Our new facility enables the recycling of plastics 20% more efficiently compared to current plastic recycling methods." He emphasized that the plant would significantly increase Finland's plastic packaging recycling rate by up to 20%. Furthermore, Koskea outlined ambitious plans for expanding operations to other Nordic countries, the Baltics, and the broader European region.

Impact Recycling is no stranger to PE and PP separation technology, operating a plant in Newcastle, England, since 2018. With an annual capacity of 6,000 tonnes, the facility focuses on recycling mixed rigid waste plastic feedstock, producing recycled PE and PP post-consumer resin. The company is poised for further growth, with the construction of a new plant in Durham expected to be operational in late summer 2024. This Durham facility is designed to handle 25,000 tonnes annually, contributing to Impact Recycling's commitment to sustainable plastic recycling solutions.

The collaboration between Syklo and Impact Recycling heralds a significant step towards advancing plastic recycling capabilities in Finland. The planned facility not only promises increased efficiency in plastic recycling but also prioritizes sustainability by incorporating advanced wastewater management and addressing concerns related to microplastics. As the plant comes to fruition, it is poised to contribute substantially to Finland's plastic packaging recycling rates and serve as a model for similar initiatives across the Nordic and European regions.

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