Improving Demand Impacts Furazolidone API Prices Across the Globe in February
 Improving Demand Impacts Furazolidone API Prices Across the Globe in February

Improving Demand Impacts Furazolidone API Prices Across the Globe in February

  • 24-Feb-2023 12:33 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

The price of Furazolidone API has been increasing in the global market since the start of January 2023 as the demand from end-user pharmaceutical and healthcare industries has been improved increased. Consumer confidence is recovering slowly in the global market after the ease of inflationary pressure.

The overall Furazolidone API market has shown a steady upward trend in China in February. The driving force behind the continuous growth in Furazolidone API prices is the combination of high production costs, on-site supply-side inventory, and demand. Let us look at the supply and demand of Furazolidone API in February. In terms of supply, the Furazolidone API manufacturing activity had been started in succession after the shutdown of the New Year's break, and some factories mainly delivered early export orders, so the overall inventory in the field was relatively controllable. In contrast to supply, demand for Furazolidone is steadily rising in both domestic and international markets. Also, end-user demand in China is on the rise. Following the digestion of some raw materials, the market for Furazolidone API performed well at this stage, and the overall demand supports the higher price trend.

In the European market, the sentiments towards Furazolidone API are improving, with prices inclining month-on-month basis in Germany due to several reasons, such as moderate inflation, high-interest rates, and geopolitical tension in the region. Meantime, german buyers are receiving a high quotation for Furazolidone API  from China, which is reflected in the domestic market. On the other hand, consumption is slightly improving, and the orders from end-user industries are increasing, which is causing the prices to start moving up in the German market. Additionally, the product's supplies remained adequate, and the material's import availability in Germany remained stable.

Similarly, Furazolidone API prices are continuing to display positive sentiment in the North American market, with prices drifting higher in the USA. The orders from the end-user pharmaceutical sector climb in tandem. In terms of the market fundamentals for Furazolidone API, the earlier negative impact on the downstream sector is gradually changing as downstream demand recovers.

According to ChemAnalyst's team, the price of Furazolidone API is expected to get stable on the lower side in the upcoming months as the demand from the end-user pharmaceutical sector might slow. Along with this, ample supply among the merchants might lead to a price drop.

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