Increased Demand From the Water Treatment Industry Fuels Rise in Sodium Chlorite Prices
Increased Demand From the Water Treatment Industry Fuels Rise in Sodium Chlorite Prices

Increased Demand From the Water Treatment Industry Fuels Rise in Sodium Chlorite Prices

  • 07-Jul-2023 4:12 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

FD Hamburg, Germany: The price of Sodium Chlorite showcased an inclining trend during June 2023, with an increment of roughly (2%) in the German market compared to the previous month. This rise in market dynamics has been observed in the wake of the rising consumption rate of Sodium Chlorite from the downstream Wastewater treatment and textile industries. As the European region seeks to deal with rising levels of pollution and make use of improved technology in the field, the proposals made by the European Commission to update the bloc's Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive from 1991 are currently making their way through the European Parliament. Under these proposals, polluting sectors might be targeted. Chlorine dioxide is gaining popularity as a disinfectant and oxidant for drinking water. Chlorite is a fundamental compound in civil water treatment plants for sanitization. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Sodium Chlorite, in contrast to other types of chlorine utilized in water treatment. Subsequently, the rising use in wastewater treatment is supposed to be a significant main impetus in the market extension of Sodium Chlorite.

In the European market, the rise in demand for Sodium Chlorite from wastewater treatment and textile industries especially influences the hike in price trend. Furthermore, disturbance in the supply chain has been observed due to low inventory levels in the region to meet the requirement of the downstream industry. In order to counter this demand, high trading activities are being remarked for this commodity; instead, market participants looked forward to procuring heavy stocks for further stockpiling of inventories. Besides, providers continued to receive inquiries about the product with low records. In addition, Imports of sodium chlorite from the North American region also increased as enterprises showed interest in bulk purchasing.

In the US market, the price of Sodium Chlorite remained stable for the past few months due to no significant changes, impacting the final prices as the region was well supplied with the product without any disruption. Furthermore, demand from the major downstream wastewater treatment and paper & pulp industries remained moderate in the domestic region. In addition, participants in the market asserted that there was no shortage of sodium chlorite in the domestic region and that there were no issues with supply. The fundamentals of the market are still moderate.

As per ChemAnalyst, the future trend of Sodium chlorite in the European and international markets may showcase optimistic market dynamics in the third quarter of 2023 due to the increase in demand from the Wastewater treatment plants and major Textile industries. Similarly, the US market is likely to witness positive sentiments on the back of improved economic recovery and rising demand from the international market.

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