India to Continue Imposing Anti-Dumping Duty on Hydrogen Peroxide Imports from Bangladesh

India to Continue Imposing Anti-Dumping Duty on Hydrogen Peroxide Imports from Bangladesh

  • 14-Sep-2021 5:22 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

In a notification released by the Directorate General of Trade Remedies, Government of India, it was mentioned that India would continue the anti-dumping duty on Hydrogen Peroxide Imports from Bangladesh. The anti-dumping duty on Hydrogen Peroxide was levied in 2017 for five years which is being extended further. 

Anti-dumping duties are levied as a protectionist measure against dumping practises by certain countries. Dumping refers to over supply of certain commodities at prices which are lower than the domestic prices. This hurts the domestic industry as the companies fail to match the dumping prices and suffer losses.

The investigation for anti-dumping duties was initiated after companies including Gujarat Alkalis and Chemicals Limited (GACL), and Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited (HOCL) made a request to the government to continue the anti-dumping duties on Hydrogen Peroxide import from Bangladesh. 

The anti-dumping duties once extended would benefit domestic Hydrogen Peroxide players as the demand for the chemical remains firm due to rising demand from the pulp and paper and textile industries.

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the most powerful oxidants and is majorly used in pulp and paper and textile bleaching. Another major application is the manufacture of Sodium Percarbonate which has application in detergents. High purity Hydrogen Peroxide is used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards and semiconductor cleaning. Other uses include chemical synthesis, water treatment, metal finishing, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. 

As per ChemAnalyst, “with the domestic demand rising from the pulp and paper and textile sector, and the continuation of anti-dumping duties, the supply side is expected to experience some pressure as the imports are expected to reduce. This might affect the prices for Hydrogen Peroxide in the domestic market. The prices are expected to rise after the continuation of anti-dumping duties.”

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