Indian Cosmetics Firm Manufactures And Advocates NPE–Free Skin Care Products
Indian Cosmetics Firm Manufactures And Advocates NPE–Free Skin Care Products

Indian Cosmetics Firm Manufactures And Advocates NPE–Free Skin Care Products

  • 10-Aug-2022 5:02 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Environmanly Lifestyle Private Limited utilizes the best normal and vegetarian fixings to offer the best men's skincare and self–care items. All items are multi-benefited to diminish mess and assist with setting aside time, and cash for shoppers, vegetarian, 100 per cent regular, 100 per cent poison free, dermatologically tried, high on quality and produced using normally obtained fixings. One vital part of the brand is to offer a quality multi-benefit range without settling for less on nature.

"Environmanly" is a pure and green skincare brand for men that have given themselves to making intense, redid skin-focused preparations to give favourable effects. The brand desires to enfranchise a novel group of shoppers that utilizes absolute necessity products- different from customary purchasing. It assists the customer with setting aside time and cash alongside being benevolent to the surroundings.

This brand wires handpicked and tried and true fixings from around the world and follows a logical way to design preparations for men by offering a sumptuous choice of everyday skincare, haircare and facial hair care items.

Rahul Badesra, Co-Founder & CEO of Environmanly, told First India that the firm's dream was to present and construct Environmanly as an extravagance brand only for men and added that the firm desires to make something that is novel and build an ecosphere around men's care. The packaging of their items is ecological and can be reused as the brand has put gigantically in guaranteeing that they use only eco-bundling items. He also stated that having worked with probably the best specialists in the field, the firms have options to create lightweight, defensive, remarkably fragrant, and above all, basic and successful preparations.

Environmanly products are made so that they are free from Nonylphenol ethoxylates. They are also free from phthalates, SLES, triclosan, formaldehyde etc., making the firm's products 100% safe and reliable. The firm's packaging is also unique, as it has always followed an eco-friendly, nominal approach. Its objective is lower the number of base materials utilized in making their bundling products and to set up methods which cause nominal hazards to nature.

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