INEOS Nitriles Pioneers Bio-Based Acrylonitrile, Significantly Reducing Carbon Footprint
INEOS Nitriles Pioneers Bio-Based Acrylonitrile, Significantly Reducing Carbon Footprint

INEOS Nitriles Pioneers Bio-Based Acrylonitrile, Significantly Reducing Carbon Footprint

  • 03-May-2024 11:42 AM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

INEOS Nitriles has officially confirmed the inaugural global sales of InvireoTM on April 30, 2024. This innovative bio-based Acrylonitrile, vital for carbon fiber production, brings substantial environmental advantages to the transport and water treatment sectors.

INVIREOTM Acrylonitrile is manufactured using a meticulously regulated and certified (ISCC+) mass balance process. This enables INEOS Nitriles to provide customers with products that boast a remarkable 90% decrease in carbon footprint compared to traditional acrylonitrile-based alternatives.

Carbon Fiber has gained prominence across diverse applications as a lightweight, yet exceptionally durable substitute for aluminum, titanium, and steel. Its utilization spans across automotive and aerospace sectors, as well as in the manufacturing of sporting equipment like tennis rackets, golf clubs, and bicycles.

Gordon Adams, Business Director for INEOS Nitriles and INEOS Phenol businesses, remarked, "This marks a pivotal achievement in advancing INEOS Nitriles' sustainability agenda. Our latest bio-based acrylonitrile, INVIREOTM, holds promise in substantially reducing the carbon footprint across numerous industries. Both consumers and businesses seek enhanced sustainability in their products, and this innovative acrylonitrile fulfills that demand."

In addition to its crucial role in carbon fiber manufacturing, acrylonitrile finds application in various other areas that contribute to the improvement and facilitation of daily life, including sporting equipment. Moreover, it plays an indispensable part in water purification systems, benefiting millions of households and serving billions of individuals worldwide.

INEOS Nitriles holds the title of the world's largest producer of Acrylonitrile, a pivotal chemical in the manufacturing of numerous everyday items. Moreover, INEOS Nitriles stands as the foremost developer of Acrylonitrile process technology, utilized in over 95% of the globe's acrylonitrile plants. Additionally, INEOS Nitriles is renowned for its production and distribution of top-tier Acrylonitrile catalysts. Expanding its global reach, INEOS Nitriles provides a wide array of supplementary products, including Acetonitrile, Hydrogen Cyanide, Acetone Cyanohydrin, and, to a lesser extent, Ammonium Sulphate. In Europe, INEOS Koln facility is responsible for the production and supply of Ammonia and Nitric Acid.

INEOS' cutting-edge acrylonitrile plant, boasting a capacity of 425,000 tonnes, will utilize INEOS' top-tier technology and catalyst. Scheduled for inauguration in 2025, it will mark the Middle East's inaugural facility of its kind. Additionally, INEOS plans to erect a 400,000-tonne LinearAlphaOlefin (LAO) plant alongside a world-scale PolyAlphaOlefin (PAO) facility. These installations are poised to set global benchmarks for energy efficiency upon their commencement of production in 2025.

INEOS Nitriles have three manufacturing facilities—two in North America (Texas & Ohio) and one in Europe (Germany)—as well as INEOS global terminal network enable to sell to clients in every corner of the globe. The world's largest and most productive facility is located near Green Lake, Texas.

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