INEOS Styrolution and Sinopec Unveil ABS Facility in Ningbo, China
INEOS Styrolution and Sinopec Unveil ABS Facility in Ningbo, China

INEOS Styrolution and Sinopec Unveil ABS Facility in Ningbo, China

  • 22-Nov-2023 10:59 AM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

INEOS Styrolution, a prominent player in the global styrenics sector, has celebrated the official inauguration of its cutting-edge Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) facility in Ningbo, China, in collaboration with its joint venture partner SINOPEC. This state-of-the-art facility, with an impressive annual nameplate capacity of 600,000 tonnes, represents a major milestone for both companies, thereby solidifying their commitment to the Chinese market.

The grand opening ceremony has witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, such as Caroline Wilson DCMG, the British Ambassador to China, and Hua Wei, Executive Vice Mayor of the Ningbo Municipal People's Government, alongside various institutional representatives. Steve Harrington, CEO of INEOS Styrolution, has underscored the company's dedication to expanding its footprint in China, thereby acknowledging it as the world's largest ABS market. The completion of the new ABS facility in Ningbo, utilizing the renowned TerluranĀ® ABS technology, stands as a significant stride in the ongoing collaboration with SINOPEC to strengthen their position in the Chinese ABS market.

Rob Buntinx, President APAC at INEOS Styrolution, emphasized the inauguration's importance in the continuous commitment to customers and partners in the Chinese market. The strategic proximity to customers positions the facility to respond promptly and efficiently to local demands, achieving reduced delivery times and establishing a more robust local presence.

Commencing construction at the end of 2020, the ABS facility sprawls across 26.7 hectares and employs over 360 dedicated professionals, including employees and contractors. The facility is geared to manufacture high-end ABS materials designed to revolutionize the design and functionality of applications across various industries, including automotive, electronics, household goods, healthcare, and toys/sports/leisure. Positioned strategically, the facility is poised to address the burgeoning demand in the domestic Chinese market.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the triumphant completion and unveiling of the facility underscore the unwavering support from government authorities and the resolute "can-do" attitude of the entire project and operations team. Meizhu Fang, CEO of INEOS Styrolution Sinopec Advanced Materials (Ningbo) Ltd, expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts that made the successful construction possible.

The ABS facility in Ningbo is expected to make significant contributions to meeting the growing demand for advanced ABS materials in China, playing a pivotal role in fostering innovation across diverse industries. This marks a crucial step forward for INEOS Styrolution and SINOPEC in solidifying their presence in the dynamic and rapidly expanding Chinese market, reflecting their commitment to technological excellence and sustainable growth.

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