Infinium and Kinetik Ink Innovative Agreement to Boost eFuels Production through CO2 Utilization
Infinium and Kinetik Ink Innovative Agreement to Boost eFuels Production through CO2 Utilization

Infinium and Kinetik Ink Innovative Agreement to Boost eFuels Production through CO2 Utilization

  • 17-Apr-2024 3:39 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Infinium, a prominent player in the eFuels industry, has inked a deal with a subsidiary of Kinetik Holdings Inc. (NYSE: KNTK), a midstream energy company, to procure carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from Kinetik’s gas gathering and processing system in the Permian Basin. This CO2 will serve as a vital feedstock in the production of ultra-low carbon electrofuels (eFuels) by Infinium. Leveraging its proprietary process, Infinium manufactures eFuels utilizing waste CO2 and green hydrogen sourced from renewable power.

This agreement stands out for its long-term duration and extensive decarbonization advantages, offering tangible benefits for transportation alternatives. It sets a precedent for the industry to reconsider how waste streams like CO2 are contracted, emphasizing solutions that facilitate the beneficial reuse of emissions.

Infinium CEO Robert Schuetzle expressed, "The energy transition involves diverse roles, and this partnership underscores that eFuels production and utilization offer mutual benefits for all stakeholders in the energy sector. We're pleased to welcome Kinetik to our network of companies committed to finding beneficial reuse solutions for CO2. This agreement marks significant advancement and highlights Kinetik's leadership in contrast to the traditional oil and gas sector's carbon emissions strategies."

As per the agreement's provisions, a branch of Kinetik will allocate CO2 sourced from one of its amine gas processing facilities in West Texas to Infinium for utilization in its previously disclosed second eFuels venture known as Project Roadrunner. Project Roadrunner aims to supply products to both domestic and global markets, focusing primarily on manufacturing Infinium eSAF, an environmentally sustainable aviation fuel capable of substantially diminishing lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions linked to air travel.

"Teaming up with Infinium underscores Kinetik's dedication to sustainability and our position as catalysts for positive change. As the inaugural initiative of Kinetik's New Energy Ventures, I'm thrilled to announce our involvement in Project Roadrunner, wholeheartedly backing Infinium's goal of substantial carbon emissions reduction. Kinetik is steadfast in our commitment to further diminish our carbon footprint and promote the advancement of innovative low-carbon technologies, aligning with our 'energy for change' strategy," remarked Jamie Welch, President, and CEO of Kinetik.

Earlier, Infinium disclosed a $75 million equity pledge from Breakthrough Energy Catalyst for the investment in Project Roadrunner. This marks the inaugural investment for the pioneering platform established by Bill Gates, which supports and finances groundbreaking commercial ventures in emerging climate technologies. American Airlines has been announced as the primary recipient for eSAF produced at Project Roadrunner, with emission reductions benefitting Citi. This exemplifies how enduring, forward-thinking agreements play a pivotal role in advancing decarbonization across various industries' value chains.

Infinium runs the planet's initial commercial-scale eFuels plant in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is actively advancing over twelve projects at different developmental phases across the globe.

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