Inflation Causes VAE Redispursible Powder Prices to Climb Globally
Inflation Causes VAE Redispursible Powder Prices to Climb Globally

Inflation Causes VAE Redispursible Powder Prices to Climb Globally

  • 25-Jul-2022 2:28 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

The ongoing global crisis has been putting huge pressure on worldwide economic activities, which have become dull for multiple segments. As per the latest assessment, raw material prices rising earlier have now started easing down in the global market. However, huge inflationary pressure and previous increments in global energy values can be observed in some major economies like India.

The data shows that VAE Redispersible powder price has maintained stability with a marginal hike of around 0.5% in the USA during July 2022, owing to prolonged inflationary pressure and high input expenses. Demand fundamentals for the product have declined in the regional market due to a steep fall in construction activities in the country. However, the country's producer price index has eased during July 2022, primarily driven by declined prices of lumber and concrete in the regional market.

On the other side, the Indian market showcased a significant rise of around 5.7% in prices of VAE Redispersible powder during July month, driven by huge pressure of inflation in the country. As per the previous anticipations, the global price hike in energy values has started showing its effect in India, leading to a consistent climb in inflationary pressure in the country, despite low offtakes from the niche buyers.

The European market also remained affected by consistent price increments in upstream values. However, the threat of recession in the market has been bothering regional key players; thus, no such increment price hike has been observed during this month.

As per the ChemAnalyst anticipation, the price of VAE Redispursible Powder is likely to remain stable, or a marginal fall might appear in the US and European markets during the coming month. Further, the Indian market may showcase additional increments in August, as the effect of an inflationary make takes time to vanish.

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