Iran’s Arvand Petrochemical to Expand Chlorine Plant Capacity by 8 per cent

  • 10-Feb-2020 4:00 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

Recent expansion of Arvand Petrochemicals plant launched by Hassan Neshanzadeh Moghadam (CEO) is anticipated to break country’s Chlorine output record after successful completion. Iran’s current Chlorine production capacity stands at 585,000 tons/year. The company is already a major Chlorine producer in Iran and the expansion plan launched on 10th February 2020 will add 8% to its existing production capacity. With proposed expansion, Arvand Petrochemical is willing to strengthen its relationship with downstream companies such as Bandar Emam, Ghadir, Karoon and Khuzestan as the enhanced capacity will cater an appreciable demand for Chlorine as feedstock for its derivates. Moreover, the company also possesses capacity of supplying 1.8 million tons of downstream products such as Caustic, Ethylene Dichloride, Vinyl Chloride Monomer and a variety of PVC grades.

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