Ivermectin Prices Likely to Showcase an Optimistic Trajectory in March 2023
Ivermectin Prices Likely to Showcase an Optimistic Trajectory in March 2023

Ivermectin Prices Likely to Showcase an Optimistic Trajectory in March 2023

  • 13-Mar-2023 7:22 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

Since the beginning of January 2023, Ivermectin prices have been growing in the US and European markets. This trend is predicted to continue throughout the first quarter of 2023 due to the increased buyer appetite from the pharmaceutical end-user sectors. The competitive market for APIs like Ivermectin has worsened because of the rising cost of raw materials. 

Buyer sentiments from end users are increasing in the Chinese and global markets. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) are the building blocks of essential drugs, and their price increases of more than 100% from pre-pandemic levels have alarmed the industry and impacted Ivermectin costs. The Russia-Ukraine war, higher freight costs, and supply chain delays were several factors in the price increase of this API. According to experts, the reasons for the hike in the Ivermectin prices include variable freight costs and increased solvent prices brought on by rising petroleum prices. The recent collapse of China's zero-Covid policy and the approaching mild recession are the main causes of the current market trend for Ivermectin. This is due to increased inquiries from both domestic and foreign markets.

Similar to this, other nations, especially those in Europe and the US, followed a similar pattern for Ivermectin over the first half of Q1-2023. Rising manufacturing costs, input costs, and increased orders from upstream industries all contributed to the increased price trend for Ivermectin. Also, local manufacturing in Europe and the US was interrupted, and there was little room for a good production margin due to the high cost of energy. Furthermore, sellers were reluctant to reduce their offers amid high feedstock prices.

According to ChemAnalyst, Ivermectin costs are expected to increase in the coming months on the strength of new manufacturing activities and fresh supplies to meet demand from the end-user sector. Moreover, higher freight costs in the upcoming months are anticipated to maintain positive market confidence.

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