January 2023 Display an Optimistic Acetonitrile Outlook Across the Globe

January 2023 Display an Optimistic Acetonitrile Outlook Across the Globe

January 2023 Display an Optimistic Acetonitrile Outlook Across the Globe

  • 25-Jan-2023 5:34 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

The cost of Acetonitrile is expected to increase globally during January 2023 due to rising inquiries, production costs, and trading activity. However, it is anticipated that Acetonitrile prices will rise in January 2023, possibly due to increasing end-user demand from the rubber and pharmaceutical sectors might further support the positive price trend in early January.

In the European region, Belgium's consumer price index dropped from 127.92 points in November 2022 to 127.72 points in December 2022. Additionally, the downstream sector's demand and upstream cost decreased in December. Traders start to place fresh orders due to falling Acetonitrile stockpiles and growing demand. In addition, a large decline in the cost of upstream propylene enabled suppliers to obtain downstream products, including Acetonitrile, from exporting countries, primarily China, at a lower cost. On top of that, ease in COVID-19 policies within China has resulted in relief in trade activities from China to Europe, keeping the prices of downstream Acetonitrile in the Northward direction.

The market tendencies for Acetonitrile in the United States also indicate an upsurge trend throughout the first half of Q1 2023. According to market players, the demand from neighboring countries will likely boost, resulting in higher trade and production activities within the domestic market. Lower upstream prices further kept the market sentiments of Acetonitrile on the upper end as soaring end-user inquiries, lesser operational charges, and rising manufacturing capacity reinforced the distributors' decision to purchase and supply the downstream product at a higher rate.

Furthermore, Acetonitrile prices in China are projected to surge by around 1.42 percent during January 2023 as domestic demand increases and the destocking of stockpiles ends. Also, with the arrival of Lunar New Year week, which will result in the temporary closure of production units, the manufacturers in China are expected to raise their manufacturing activity for Acetonitrile owing to strong inquiries from international and domestic pharmaceutical, rubber, and perfume sectors and meet up with the overall quotations.

Chemanalyst predicts that Acetonitrile prices are likely to follow an increased price trajectory in upcoming months.


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