Johnson Matthey and thyssenkrupp Uhde Collaborate on Blue Ammonia Solution
Johnson Matthey and thyssenkrupp Uhde Collaborate on Blue Ammonia Solution

Johnson Matthey and thyssenkrupp Uhde Collaborate on Blue Ammonia Solution

  • 21-May-2024 12:48 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

On May 20, 2024, Johnson Matthey (JM), renowned for its sustainable technologies, and thyssenkrupp Uhde, a prominent provider of engineering, construction, and chemical plant services, revealed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement aims to jointly provide a fully integrated low-carbon (blue) ammonia solution, leveraging their nearly 25-year partnership in ammonia production.

Ammonia's significance has evolved beyond its traditional role as a crucial component in fertilizer production to becoming a decarbonized carrier and supplier of hydrogen energy. It offers advantages in storage and transportation compared to pure hydrogen, making it an essential element in efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Utilizing existing infrastructure, the movement of low-carbon ammonia emerges as a prominent solution for the energy transition. It stands poised to efficiently capture, store, and transport large quantities of hydrogen, catering to the needs of the power, shipping, and global industrial sectors.

Through their collaboration, thyssenkrupp Uhde and JM gain access to the blue ammonia market, leveraging their respective strengths. This partnership integrates Uhde's established uhde® ammonia process with JM's hydrogen expertise, specifically its LCHTM technology. This synergy enables the production of blue ammonia with exceptional CO2 capture rates of up to 99%.

Since 1928, thyssenkrupp Uhde has been a key player in the ammonia industry, having licensed, engineered, or constructed over 130 ammonia plants globally. Particularly, it leads in plants exceeding 3,000 metric tonnes per day, thanks to its distinctive uhde® dual pressure technology. Meanwhile, JM's LCH technology has made significant strides, being selected for several pioneering large-scale blue hydrogen projects worldwide. Notable among these are bp's H2Teesside, a 700-megawatt low-carbon hydrogen production plant, and the H2H Saltend project with Equinor and Linde, set to produce 600-megawatt low-carbon hydrogen.

The anticipated surge in global demand for ammonia is projected to surpass 600 million metric tonnes by 2050, driven primarily by emerging needs in the shipping and power generation sectors. It is anticipated that low carbon ammonia will account for two-thirds of this demand by 2050, spurred by the adoption of decarbonization targets set by numerous countries worldwide. This trend could result in a projected market value exceeding $200 billion for low carbon ammonia by 2050.

Alberto Giovanzana, Managing Director of Catalyst Technologies at Johnson Matthey, commented: "Recognizing the necessity for diverse pathways in the energy transition, ammonia offers several avenues. It can serve directly within the power and shipping sectors, and function as a reliable carrier for hydrogen, facilitating its safe transport to regions where production is challenging."

"Through the amalgamation of our knowledge and our longstanding collaboration spanning over two decades with thyssenkrupp Uhde, we are thrilled to present this technology, enabling our clients to manufacture ammonia with markedly reduced CO2 emissions."

Lucretia Löscher, COO of thyssenkrupp Uhde, expressed: "At thyssenkrupp Uhde, our commitment to our purpose, 'we create a livable planet,' remains unwavering. Through this robust partnership, we are expanding our range of climate-friendly solutions, empowering our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives more effectively."

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