Lactic Acid Market Set for March Decrease: Oversupply and Reduced Demand Factors
Lactic Acid Market Set for March Decrease: Oversupply and Reduced Demand Factors

Lactic Acid Market Set for March Decrease: Oversupply and Reduced Demand Factors

  • 19-Mar-2024 3:59 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

In March, a downward trend in Lactic Acid prices is anticipated across the USA and European markets, diverging from the previous month's trajectory. This change is primarily driven by a decrease in demand from key sectors such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, coupled with an oversupply scenario. As prices typically rise leading up to the Lunar New Year, some buyers in the USA and Europe accelerated their purchases before the holiday to pre-empt any surge, resulting in ample inventories in the market, potentially exerting downward pressure on Lactic Acid prices.

China serves as a significant exporter of Lactic Acid to numerous regions, including the USA and Europe. The Lunar New Year occurring in February disrupts many Chinese industries due to factory closures and reduced activity, resulting in supply shortages and price increases for various goods, including Lactic Acid during that month. However, as businesses resume operations in March following the Lunar New Year, Lactic Acid production is expected to increase once again. This surge in supply, along with potentially decreased demand after the holiday season, could contribute to a decline in Lactic Acid prices. Notably, a price drop in China could impact global Lactic Acid prices, affecting markets in the US and Europe as well.

Moreover, a slowdown in the global economy has worsened matters by decreasing demand for Chinese exports, presenting considerable obstacles for the manufacturing sector. In light of the diminished demand for Asian-manufactured goods, ocean carriers have taken measures such as lowering freight rates on shipping routes originating from China and even cancelling certain sailings. As a result, these adaptations may contribute to a potential decrease in Lactic Acid prices.

According to the most recent Eurostat data, inflation in the euro area for February 2024 increased by 2.6% year-on-year, showing a slowdown compared to January's 2.8%. Energy prices in the euro area decreased by 3.7% in February, marking a moderation from January's 6.1% decline. Despite this, financing conditions remain tight, and previous interest rate hikes continue to suppress demand, potentially leading to a decrease in Lactic Acid prices. Meanwhile, in the USA, consumer sentiment weakened towards the end of February as perceptions of the current economy and future prospects deteriorated, reversing an earlier increase in optimism observed earlier in the month. Elevated interest rates and the growing pressures of a higher cost of living pose significant challenges for consumer-centric industries. These factors could also contribute to a potential decline in Lactic Acid prices.

According to analysis by ChemAnalyst, there is an expectation of an upcoming price upswing for Lactic Acid, driven primarily by a resurgence in demand from crucial end-user sectors. Additionally, there is speculation that central banks may consider implementing rate cuts, which could ease pressure on consumers and potentially boost demand, thereby further supporting the upward trend of Lactic Acid prices.

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