Powering Up at Battery Show Europe: LANXESS Unveils Cutting-Edge Portfolio for Battery Manufacturing
Powering Up at Battery Show Europe: LANXESS Unveils Cutting-Edge Portfolio for Battery Manufacturing

Powering Up at Battery Show Europe: LANXESS Unveils Cutting-Edge Portfolio for Battery Manufacturing

  • 13-Jun-2024 2:14 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

LANXESS will exhibit its extensive product line for Lithium-ion battery production and electromobility applications at Battery Show Europe from June 18 to 20. This encompasses essential raw materials and material solutions spanning the entire value chain. As Europe's largest specialized trade fair in Stuttgart, the event focuses on state-of-the-art materials, technologies, and production processes within the rapidly expanding electromobility sector. The Battery Show Europe is scheduled for June 18–20, 2024, at the exhibition and trade center in Stuttgart. LANXESS will be located in Hall 10, specifically at booth 10-E70.

This specialty chemicals company positions itself as a one-stop shop for battery manufacturers, supplying a complete toolkit for efficient and safe production. Their offerings span the entire process, from core components like raw materials for cathodes and electrolytes to solutions that enhance performance and safety.  They provide ion exchange resins for purifying the critical metal compounds used in cathodes, a crucial step for optimal battery function.  For high-voltage applications, their portfolio includes compatible coolants and colorants. Additionally, they offer protective casting compounds to safeguard the electronic components within the battery.  Safety is a major focus, with flame retardants for high-performance plastics and non-flammable electrolytes contributing to the creation of more reliable and durable batteries.

LANXESS positions itself as a trusted partner for European battery companies, offering a sustainable and dependable source of materials for their production needs. Dr. Harry Zumaqué, Head of New Business Development at LANXESS Corporate Development, reported that they can support the development of local value chains due to their extensive portfolio of key raw materials and precursors, along with the existing assets in Europe. He further stated that their expertise in process development enables them to open up new fields in battery recycling, thereby actively promoting sustainability in cell manufacturing and chemical production.

Saltigo, a subsidiary of LANXESS based in Leverkusen, collaborates with Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co. to produce electrolyte formulations for Lithium-ion batteries. Key raw materials like anhydrous hydrofluoric acids, phosphorus chemicals, thionyl chloride, and fluorosulfuric acid are crucial for producing conducting salts such as Lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) and Lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI). LANXESS, being a leading manufacturer, can facilitate the establishment of local conductive salt production in Europe.

LANXESS provides tailored precursors for Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) synthesis. These include novel grades of iron oxide batteries and iron phosphate, which LANXESS plans to manufacture. With an annual production capacity exceeding 300 thousand metric tons, the company stands as one of the foremost global producers of iron oxides, operating major production sites in Germany and Brazil.  Currently, LANXESS offers two proven iron oxide battery grades under the Bayoxide brand, meticulously crafted to ensure optimal electrochemical properties for cathode materials.

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