Lenzing Group Expands Production of High-Quality Viscose Fibers in Asia-Pacific to Meet Rising Demand
Lenzing Group Expands Production of High-Quality Viscose Fibers in Asia-Pacific to Meet Rising Demand

Lenzing Group Expands Production of High-Quality Viscose Fibers in Asia-Pacific to Meet Rising Demand

  • 26-Sep-2023 5:39 PM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

The Lenzing Group, a market leader in producing wood-based specialty fibers, has announced intentions to enhance the production of its high-quality, ethical viscose fibers for its textile Lenzing Ecovero and nonwoven Veocel brands throughout Asia-Pacific. The EU Ecolabel-certified viscose fibers made at Lenzing's Purwakarta plant (PT South Pacific Viscose) in Indonesia will enable Lenzing to meet the rising demand from consumers who are concerned about the environment for textile and nonwoven goods with a smaller environmental impact.

Consumers looking for environmentally friendly goods and services can rely on the EU Ecolabel, which helps in the fight against pollution.

However, the company representative discussed the rising demand in the global market, particularly in the Asian market. According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Lenzing Group, the market for VSF with minimal environmental impact is still expanding substantially. They believe that Asia has immense growth potential. In addition to other Lenzing locations worldwide, the investments in Indonesia have improved their ability to address the rising demand for specialized VSFs with little environmental impact.

The Purwakarta site's increased production of responsible viscose will enable them to work more closely with the current customers as well as introduce Lenzing Ecovero to new prospects in the region who are eager to switch from generic VSF to responsible VSF as the demand for responsible VSF continues to rise in the area. The converted Purwakarta site's proximity to value chain partners in Asia-Pacific allows for the transportation of a larger quantity of responsible VSF within a much shorter distance and lead time, thereby lowering the overall carbon footprint of the textile supply chain and catering to brands and retailers who serve environmentally conscious Asian consumers.

Lenzing Ecovero branded VSF has been utilized in fashionable woven and knitwear products such as stylish tops, dresses, t-shirts, and loungewear because they are produced with up to 50% less fossil energy use and water than generic viscose and are certified with the widely respected EU Ecolabel. Leading worldwide fashion brands like M&S, H&M, and Levi's use Lenzing Ecovero branded VSF.

Additionally, the chief executive officer further confirmed that by the end of 2023, Lenzing's Purwakarta site would be able to produce the ground-breaking Lenzing Ecovero Black specialty fibers, which will significantly reduce water and energy usage in fabric dyeing thanks to a spun-dying process with a lower carbon footprint. This will give industry partners more options for versatile, responsible products.

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