LGES and KAIST Unveil Next-Generation Lithium-Metal Batteries
LGES and KAIST Unveil Next-Generation Lithium-Metal Batteries

LGES and KAIST Unveil Next-Generation Lithium-Metal Batteries

  • 08-Dec-2023 7:36 PM
  • Journalist: Jung Hoon

LG Energy Solution Ltd. (LGES), a prominent South Korean battery manufacturer, has achieved a significant breakthrough in battery technology, thereby unveiling a next-generation battery capable of powering a 900-kilometer drive on a single charge. The successful development stems from the collaboration of research conducted by LGES and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). The joint research team announced the breakthrough, highlighting advancements in lithium metal battery technology that promise a 50% increase in driving range compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries, along with improved charging and discharging efficiency. The research findings have been published in the esteemed scientific journal Nature Energy.

The revolutionary lithium metal batteries replace traditional graphite-based anode materials with lithium metal, resulting in a substantial reduction in the weight and volume of anode components when compared to standard lithium-ion batteries. This transformative shift not only enhances energy density but also extends the driving range of electric vehicles.

One of the challenges associated with existing lithium metal batteries is the continuous corrosion triggered by dendrites and liquid electrolytes on anodes, impacting both battery lifespan and safety. Dendrites, leaf-like structures formed when excess lithium ions accumulate on the anode surface, obstruct the movement of lithium ions, thereby reducing battery efficiency, longevity, and increasing the risk of fire.

To address this issue, the research team implemented a borate-pyran-lean electrolyte. This electrolyte serves to reconstruct the solid-electrolyte layer that forms on the surface of lithium metal anodes during charging and discharging, effectively preventing corrosion between the electrolyte and the lithium metal anode.

The application of this innovative electrolyte technology has significantly enhanced the charging and discharging efficiency of lithium metal batteries. The resultant increase in energy density has propelled the driving range to an impressive 900 kilometers per charge. This has marked a substantial improvement over the 600-kilometer range achieved by existing lithium-ion batteries used in high-performance electric vehicles. Furthermore, the new technology has ensured battery life stability, with the capacity for more than 400 recharge cycles.

The successful development of this next-generation battery technology underscores LG Energy Solution's commitment to advancing the field of electric vehicle batteries. The breakthrough not only enhances the performance and range of electric vehicles but also addresses critical issues related to battery efficiency and safety, bringing commercialization of such advanced batteries closer to reality. This achievement positions LGES as a leader in driving innovation and technological advancements in the electric vehicle battery industry.

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