Li-Metal and Lyten Collaborate for Eco-Friendly Lithium Metal Production & Alloy Ingots
Li-Metal and Lyten Collaborate for Eco-Friendly Lithium Metal Production & Alloy Ingots

Li-Metal and Lyten Collaborate for Eco-Friendly Lithium Metal Production & Alloy Ingots

  • 19-Jan-2024 12:53 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

In collaboration with the Ontario government, facilitated through the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN), Li-Metal has embarked on a strategic partnership with Lyten to spearhead the development of specialized lithium alloy ingots. This joint initiative is aimed at addressing the escalating demand for next-generation lithium metal anodes, a pivotal component in cutting-edge battery technologies.

Earlier this year, Li-Metal made a significant announcement regarding the acquisition of financial support amounting to CAD$930,826 from the Ontario government, channelled through the OVIN R&D Partnership Fund. This funding infusion, complemented by a corresponding industry contribution from Lyten, an innovative advanced materials company, positions Li-Metal to further propel and commercialize its lithium metal technology. The collaboration unfolds against the backdrop of Li-Metal's commitment to expanding its production and refining capabilities for battery-grade lithium metal, building upon its recent achievement in producing lithium metal ingots using reprocessing technology.

The collaborative venture is underpinned by a robust total project value of $2,820,684, signifying the ambitious scope of Li-Metal's goals. The primary focus of this endeavor is to facilitate the scaling up of production and refining processes to meet the standards required for battery-grade lithium metal. This strategic move aligns with Li-Metal's ongoing efforts to enhance its technological capabilities, with the ultimate aim of catering to the burgeoning demand for lithium metal anodes in the contemporary battery landscape.

A noteworthy allocation of the secured funds will be directed towards advancing the piloting phase of novel lithium metal products. Of particular emphasis is the development of specialty lithium alloy ingots designed to meet the evolving requirements of next-generation batteries. As of now, Li-Metal has successfully completed approximately 25% of the project, with a projected conclusion date set for 2025.

At the forefront of Li-Metal's innovative strides is the deployment of a patented technology known as carbonate-to-metal (C2M). This groundbreaking and sustainable modular technology enable the direct production of lithium metal from lithium carbonate. Notably, this unique approach to lithium metal production sets Li-Metal apart, positioning it as a distinguished battery anode supplier. The company's ability to produce lithium metal through the C2M technology serves as a pivotal differentiator, empowering the growth of its anode business by securing a dependable and sustainable feedstock.

The collaboration between Li-Metal and Lyten, coupled with the backing from the Ontario government, represents a concerted effort to drive advancements in sustainable lithium metal production. The infusion of financial support, coupled with industry expertise, propels Li-Metal towards achieving its objectives in refining lithium metal technology and contributing to the evolution of next-generation batteries. As the partnership progresses, the joint venture is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of lithium metal anodes, catering to the dynamic demands of the rapidly evolving battery industry.

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