Lisinopril Prices Remain in an Upward Trend in the Asian and European Markets

Lisinopril Prices Remain in an Upward Trend in the Asian and European Markets

Lisinopril Prices Remain in an Upward Trend in the Asian and European Markets

  • 06-Mar-2023 7:16 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

The price of Lisinopril witnesses an upward trend across the Asian and European markets due to increasing demand from end-user pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Consumer confidence is recovering in the global market after the ease of inflationary pressure, which is indirectly boosting purchase sentiments in the respective regions.

In the Asian region, the Lisinopril market was very strong in February 2023, with prices realizing an upward trend. The market players have observed the rising price trend in the last two months because of better buyer participation and quality arrivals. Operating rates among domestic production facilities have grown because of rising demand from downstream sectors. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) jumped to 52.6 in February from 50.1 in the previous month, indicating that manufacturing activity peaked. Also, the trade activities of Lisinopril across the domestic and international markets have picked up significantly, with a considerable uptick in downstream inquiries, which has resulted in a price hike. Therefore, FOB Shanghai prices of Lisinopril in China soared about 1.8% in February, and this positive trend is likely to continue as Chinese traders are expecting more buyer participation, especially from the pharmaceutical sector.

In the European market, the market sentiments for Lisinopril continue to be positive due to tight supply and improvements in procurement from downstream industries. Consequently, German purchasers are receiving a high import pricing for Lisinopril from China, so domestic merchants also raise their prices in the local market to perceive their profit margin. As a result, a hike of around 1.3% in Germany has been observed in the pricing dynamics of Lisinopril.

According to ChemAnalyst's team, Lisinopril prices are expected to follow an increasing price trajectory in the next months due to consistent demand from the end-user producers and limited supply among regional merchants.


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