LONGi Hydrogen Secures Contract for World's Largest Green Ammonia Demonstration Project
LONGi Hydrogen Secures Contract for World's Largest Green Ammonia Demonstration Project

LONGi Hydrogen Secures Contract for World's Largest Green Ammonia Demonstration Project

  • 24-Apr-2023 11:58 AM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

China: Recently, Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. declared the successful tendering of the "Da'an Wind and Solar Green Hydrogen Synthesis Ammonia Integration Demonstration" Project by LONGi Hydrogen Energy. The project involves the installation of 15 sets of 1000Nm³/h electrolytic water Hydrogen production systems. The launch activities for the "Hydrogen Energy Promotes Jilin" Action and the "Da'an Project" were held on October 26, 2022, at the clean energy chemical industry park in western Jilin.

SPIC and Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. are pioneering the way towards national energy security and Carbon neutrality. Their innovative approach to emerging industries has set the stage for a sustainable energy transition and ushered in the new era of Hydrogen power generation. The Da’an project exemplifies their green Hydrogen system model, which incorporates green electricity consumption and green Ammonia utilization. The project, with a total investment of $0.92 billion, is in the western portion of Jilin Clean Energy Chemical Industrial Park (Da’an).

An impressive project is in the works. A new 220 kV booster station, along with a 40MW/80MWh energy storage solution, will result in a total installed capacity of 800MW for wind and solar energy. The project will also include a 46,000 Nm³/h hybrid Hydrogen production plant, featuring 50 sets of PEM Hydrogen production systems and 39 sets of alkaline Hydrogen production systems, as well as a Hydrogen storage capacity of 60,000 Nm³ and a synthetic Ammonia plant capable of producing 180,000 tons. Not only is the project promoting the construction of a new energy system, but it also boasts six number-one technologies in China and three cutting-edge technologies globally.

Jilin province has listed the project as a key initiative for 2022, and SPIC has recognized it as a benchmark in the power conversion industry. Furthermore, the project aims to reduce COemissions by 650,000 tons per year, making it an environmentally conscious endeavour.

LONGi Hydrogen, a leading provider of large-scale green Hydrogen electrolyzers and solutions, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful delivery of the first 10,000-ton sustainable chemistry and refining demonstration project named "Sinopec" in 2022. The cutting-edge technology and exceptional delivery capabilities of LONGi Hydrogen have gained early market validation.

In October 2022, the Da'an project has been recognized as the world's largest green synthetic Ammonia project with 39 1000Nm³ synthetic Ammonia projects commissioned this year. LONGi Hydrogen emerged as the top bidder, securing 15 sets of 1000Nm³/h electrolytic water Hydrogen production systems, with a market share of 38.5%. The company's outstanding performance has enabled it to lead the bidding and hold a prominent position in the market.

LONGi Hydrogen has conducted extensive research and testing in the Da'an project, resulting in technical solutions tailored to the renewable energy-based Hydrogen production and synthetic Ammonia applications at terminals.

As a part of these solutions, LONGi Hydrogen will supply 15 internationally certified off-grid hybrid Hydrogen production products, ensuring optimal system safety and energy consumption. These products include three sets of 4 to 1 Hydrogen production systems, which allow flexible synthesis of Ammonia, with each four 1000Nm³/h electrolyzers corresponding to one gas-liquid separation skid, and a Hydrogen production capacity of 4000Nm³/ h. Additionally, three sets of 1 to 1 electrolytic Hydrogen production systems will be provided for the DC microgrid.

The company's latest developments include providing cutting-edge technology for off-grid Hydrogen production with a focus on achieving high current density and maximum Hydrogen output. The gas-liquid separation frame's structure has been optimized for a more compact design, resulting in reduced system investment.

Additionally, the company offers supportive equipment and solutions to facilitate flexible Hydrogen production from new energy sources. The product is highly versatile, compatible with both IGBT power supplies and thyristor power supplies and features fast power regulation speed to accommodate large-scale wind-solar Hydrogen production, even under fluctuating conditions.

LONGi Hydrogen remains committed to their design concept of ensuring safety, reliability, efficiency, and value addition during their development process. The company will continue to increase investment in scientific research and technological development while promoting innovation in their products and technology. LONGi aims to enhance equipment automation capabilities for the development of a smarter, more digital chemical industry.

The company supplies electrolysers and green Hydrogen solutions to customers worldwide, which are based on sustainable energy. LONGi Hydrogen enjoys the first position globally in 2022, with a Hydrogen power production capacity of 1.5GW. The company is scheduled to reach 5-10GW by the end of 2025, ensuring reliable delivery and value addition in large-scale green Hydrogen projects worldwide.

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