Lotte Enhances Stability in Lithium-Metal Batteries
Lotte Enhances Stability in Lithium-Metal Batteries

Lotte Enhances Stability in Lithium-Metal Batteries

  • 29-Nov-2023 5:03 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Lotte Chemical, in a groundbreaking move, unveiled on Tuesday its pursuit of domestic patents for an innovative technology designed to elevate the stability of lithium-metal anode materials, a crucial component in the realm of next-generation solid-state and high-energy-density lithium-metal batteries.

At the heart of this breakthrough is a cutting-edge "separator coating material manufacturing technology" firmly rooted in polymer-based solid-state electrolytes. This inventive methodology revolves around the application of functional materials onto the separator of lithium-metal batteries, strategically augmenting the flow of lithium ions and, consequently, fortifying the durability of the batteries.

In the operational lifespan of batteries, lithium tends to aggregate on the anode surface, giving rise to dendrites—crystal formations resembling trees—that obstruct the smooth movement of lithium ions. This phenomenon inevitably leads to a decline in battery efficiency and a shortened lifespan.

The recently developed technology deftly intervenes in this process, effectively suppressing the formation of dendrites. The result is a substantial enhancement in the long-term stability and durability of lithium-metal anode materials. Particularly noteworthy is the technology's remarkable achievement of over 90 percent capacity retention after 500 cycles, signifying a notable improvement of over 30 percent in durability when compared to conventional separators lacking this innovative coating. Beyond its performance benefits, the technology also boasts the advantage of enabling the use of existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment. This aspect not only streamlines the integration of the technology but also contributes to cost reductions when establishing production facilities for the next generation of semi-solid, solid-state, and high-energy-density lithium-metal batteries.

In a strategic move in 2021, Lotte Chemical embarked on a joint development and equity investment venture with Solect Inc., a U.S.-based startup specializing in the development of lithium-metal anode materials. The collaboration between the two entities unfolded over a span of more than two years and has culminated in a significant technological leap forward.

Presently, Lotte Chemical is engaged in technology application tests conducted in collaboration with companies and universities associated with lithium-metal battery technology, both domestically and internationally. This collaborative initiative serves the dual purpose of validating the practical application of Lotte Chemical's advancements and assessing the potential impact of this groundbreaking technology on the lithium-metal battery landscape. The shared expertise and resources from various partners contribute to a robust testing phase that aims to comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness and viability of this innovative approach.

As Lotte Chemical steers the course of lithium-metal battery technology into uncharted territories, the implications of this advancement extend beyond the immediate realm of enhanced battery performance. The successful integration of this technology could usher in a new era of lithium-metal batteries with unprecedented durability and stability, further cementing Lotte Chemical's role as a pioneering force in the ever-evolving landscape of advanced energy storage solutions.

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