Lotte Polycarbonate Prices on the Rise in January

  • 23-Jan-2020 5:00 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

LOTTE Chemical Corporation has announced revision in the prices of most of its grades for Polycarbonate granules this month. In the domestic market, polycarbonate prices were hovering in the range of INR 120-130 per kg last month. By the last week of January, prices have been pushed higher by $100 due to increased cost of production. Polycarbonate possesses remarkable characteristics such as light weight, improved ductility, high impact resistance and improved strength which make it suitable to be pressed into sheets or molded to any shape. This makes it the material of choice for versatile applications in sectors such as automotive, electronics, construction, kitchenware etc. However, overcapacity of the product and lower buying sentiments in the international market in the early part of the first quarter due to Lunar New Year holidays are likely to restrain further rise in global Polycarbonate prices. The company currently has Polycarbonate production capacity of 640 KTPA and is constantly pushing to expand its Polycarbonate business in the coming years.

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