Low Consumer Demand for Artificial Sweeteners Hampers the German Aspartame Market

Low Consumer Demand for Artificial Sweeteners Hampers the German Aspartame Market

Low Consumer Demand for Artificial Sweeteners Hampers the German Aspartame Market

  • 04-Oct-2022 12:01 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

In Germany, the Aspartame market witnesses a weak tendency due to the change in consumers' interest who consider the reduction in the sugar level in dietary products. This is expected to bring a change and make them healthier. The consumer believes that this is the best way that food and beverage manufacturers can process the food in a healthier manner.

Furthermore, it was witnessed that higher sugar consumption by the people had increased the rate of obesity among individuals, which propelled the consumers to reduce their interest. Instead of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, Aspartame, etc., the demand for dairy products containing stevias, such as high protein yogurt or dairy drinks, significantly inclined as it was noticed that these low calorific products support a healthier lifestyle wheatear it is weight management or an active lifestyle. Additionally, weakened downstream demand resulted in stockpiling of inventories with the domestic suppliers, which propelled them to reduce their prices to destock the inventories.

Also, as per the knowledge, a study from the NutriNet-Sante cohort shows a possible direct correlation between consumption of artificial sweetener and increased risk of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease), which have put consumers in a dilemma for using these Artificial sweeteners. A specific type of sweetener - Aspartame - was associated with a 17% increased risk of cerebrovascular events, while others such as Acesulfame Potassium and sucralose were associated with increased coronary heart disease risk. These major factors affected the demand side for Artificial sweeteners and further queries from traders.

Moreover, nowadays, consumer-preferred products do not have much sugar. Currently, the products high in sugar are often considered low in positive nutrients- according to Dr. Antony, who further stated that this is an opportunity for food formulators to manufacture new and healthier forms of addible products. This includes incorporating fruits and nuts, which can give snack bars an improved protein or fiber content. In chocolates and confectionery, producers use the natural flavor of coco as sugar reducers to deliver the impact and indulgence consumers crave.


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