Luliconazole API Prices witness an Increasing Trend in the US Market
Luliconazole API Prices witness an Increasing Trend in the US Market

Luliconazole API Prices witness an Increasing Trend in the US Market

  • 30-Nov-2022 5:34 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Houston, USA: The price of Luliconazole API significantly increased in November 2022 due to continuous local demand, backlogs at Houston's US ports, and a constrained supply chain. The cost of crude oil and rising inflation also fuel the market's upward trend, driving Luliconazole API to witness an upward trajectory. The price of Luliconazole API rose overall by 1.63%.

Rising fuel prices, a limited supply, and geopolitical unrest have influenced the production cost and the operating rates of Luliconazole API in the US market. Additionally, rising freight costs have had an impact on import activity. Low stock levels and growing consumer demand also influenced the price of Luliconazole API. Overall, these inflationary pressures pose a short-term threat to the pharmaceutical industry. A supply crunch and weak economic conditions further impacted the market sentiment and the prices of Luliconazole API in the US market. Suppliers and traders increased their stock levels to maintain their profits in response to the rising demand. Increased input costs and persistent factors have also impacted the market sentiments.

Additionally, the US suppliers and retailers increased their stock levels in expectation of ongoing end-user demand as the December holiday season approaches. Furthermore, the price patterns of Luliconazole API in the US market were also impacted by the delayed shipments at the Houston terminal. These constraints hampered supply networks and led to a supply-demand imbalance. Furthermore, disruption caused by COVID-19 and the related lockdown continued to hamper trading activity and worsen the market sentiments among the manufacturers.

ChemAnalyst says, "The price of Luliconazole API is likely to showcase a declining trajectory in the upcoming month, i.e., December 2022, after growing month after month. Weak downstream demand from end-user industries will support this declining price trend. Additionally, the market trajectory will be impacted by destocking stockpiles before manufacturing new stock.”

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