Lummus, Braskem to Partner on Electrified Cracking Heater in Decarbonization Move
Lummus, Braskem to Partner on Electrified Cracking Heater in Decarbonization Move

Lummus, Braskem to Partner on Electrified Cracking Heater in Decarbonization Move

  • 18-Apr-2024 2:06 PM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

On April 16, 2024, Lummus Technology (“Lummus”), a leading global provider of process technologies and energy solutions, and Braskem, the world's largest bio-based polymer producer, announced their collaboration to conduct joint studies (referred to as the “Joint Study”) aimed at the industrial demonstration of Lummus’ SRT-eTM electric cracking heater to decarbonize one of Braskem’s facilities in Brazil. The Joint Study will serve as the foundation for potential negotiations between Lummus and Braskem for a definitive agreement, outlining the general framework for the implementation of this initiative, among other aspects.

Jose de Barros, Vice President and Managing Director of Ethylene at Lummus Technology, remarked, “Choosing Lummus’ SRT-e electric cracking heater to decarbonize Braskem’s ethylene plants reflects our mutual dedication to fostering profitable and sustainable technologies and solutions. We anticipate showcasing our innovative electrification technology, which significantly diminishes greenhouse gas emissions.”

Utilizing Lummus’ established Short Residence Time (SRT®) technology adapted for electric operation, the SRT-e electric cracking heater features a modular unit-cell design scalable to meet various commercial capacities. Employing proven commercial components, coupled with an optimized heat flux profile, extends the lifespan of radiant coils and operational duration. Furthermore, decoking can be conducted on a unit-cell basis, eliminating the need for a standby heater.

As part of Braskem's efforts to address climate change, this initiative aligns with its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Antonio Queiroz, Braskem's Vice President for Innovation, Technology, and Sustainable Development, expressed, "Our aim is to significantly decrease CO2 emissions and enhance the sustainability of our products through innovation, internal developments, and key partnerships. Lummus’ SRT-e technology will play a crucial role in helping Braskem reach its carbon neutrality goal by 2050, thereby enhancing energy efficiency in our crackers. By expanding the utilization of renewable electricity and materials, Braskem will reduce its carbon footprint in the production of ethylene, propylene, and other chemicals."

For over eight decades, Lummus has been a trusted provider of heat transfer equipment and systems to various industries, including process and power sectors. Renowned for its expertise in delivering heat transfer solutions for demanding process environments, Lummus has pioneered cutting-edge technology for fired heaters, such as the Short Residence Time (SRT®) pyrolysis furnace, and advanced heat exchangers, including the HELIXCHANGERTM and the LABLEXTM and PolarisTM Lummus breech-lock exchangers.

Lummus Technology stands at the forefront of innovating technology solutions that enable contemporary living while prioritizing a sustainable, low-carbon future. Our portfolio includes licensing process technologies across clean fuels, renewables, petrochemicals, polymers, gas processing, and offering comprehensive lifecycle services, catalysts, proprietary equipment, and digitalization solutions to clients globally.

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