Lysine Hydrochloride Prices Fall Across the Globe in February 2023
Lysine Hydrochloride Prices Fall Across the Globe in February 2023

Lysine Hydrochloride Prices Fall Across the Globe in February 2023

  • 06-Mar-2023 11:40 AM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Lysine Hydrochloride prices for both feed and food grade declined again after a marginal rise in demand from the downstream sector as February marks its end. As per the market experts, feedstock Soybean prices have also not risen enough to indicate an uptrend trend which further supported the downside trend of Lysine Hydrochloride this month.

Since January 2023, the overall quantity of Lysine Hydrochloride among domestic suppliers and retailers has increased globally, which has feared them to reduce their prices to prevent loss aversion. In the Chinese market, the prices of Lysine Hydrochloride were reduced by around 3 percent for both feed and food grade. The inquiries received from the domestic and overseas markets were insufficient throughout February owing to lower feed consumption, resulting in a pause in sales across the market. Moreover, because of this, the Chinese producers further focused on halting their production activities due to low demand or cutting back the outputs to maintain their profits.

Similarly, merchants and suppliers were seen canceling their more recent orders in the USA and Europe as the demand from the downstream industry decreased. When purchasers chose a wait-and-see attitude better to comprehend the entire market picture for downstream Lysine Hydrochloride, it was noted that purchasing activity was clearly on the light side. Reduced imports from exporting countries like China additionally contributed to the slow downward trend in Lysine Hydrochloride prices this month. As a result, the costs of Lysine Hydrochloride for feed and food grade in both areas, including the USA and Germany, show a decrease of 4%.

As per the  ChemAnalyst, "the prices of Lysine Hydrochloride is expected to stabilize in upcoming months across the globe. The demand from the downstream sector might slightly improve, which is likely to be balanced by overall supplies or stockpiles of domestic market players. Trade from China to USA and Germany is projected to resume as China would witness a healthy inquiry from the respective nations."

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