Meghmani Reveals Plans for Caustic Soda Capacity Expansion, Aims to Reduce India’s Chemical Dependency

  • 4-Nov-2020
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Taking forward the vision of self-reliant India, Meghmani Finechem Limited (MFL) announces plan for the expansion of its Caustic Soda facility from 294 KTPA to 400 KTPA. Besides this, the company is also willing to boost the capacity of its Captive Power Plant at its Chlor Alkali and Derivative unit from 96 MW to 132 MWT.

The advanced capacity expansion with scheduled completion in March 2022 is anticipated to incur a total expenditure of around INR 2300 Million. Following the expansion, installed capacities of Chlorine and Hydrogen will be raised to 350 KTPA and 116 Million NM3 per annum.

The project will also ensure efficient supplies to the upcoming Epichlorohydrin plant to be commenced in FY 2022 and CPVC plant in FY 2023. Moreover, it is anticipated to serve well in catering the requirement from downstream derivatives like Hydrogen Peroxide, Chloromethanes, Epichlorohydrin and CPVC Resins in India.

As per ChemAnalyst, “the brownfield project is perceived to serve as a foundation for upcoming capacity additions in India’s downstream chemical industry and will considerably assist in reducing its chemical dependency upon various countries. Thus, in the coming years the project will appreciably contribute to brace the overall economy of India by generating high revenue and cutting on freight charges.”

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