Methionine Prices Show Upward Trajectory in September 2023 Amid High Consumers' Demand
Methionine Prices Show Upward Trajectory in September 2023 Amid High Consumers' Demand

Methionine Prices Show Upward Trajectory in September 2023 Amid High Consumers' Demand

  • 12-Oct-2023 4:13 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

The prices of Methionine followed a similar pattern as the previous month and demonstrated a steady rise in the global market throughout September 2023. Methionine, a sulfur-rich amino acid, possesses a diverse array of industrial applications, ranging from the creation of feed and food additives to serving as a raw material for the production of medical supplies and pharmaceutical drugs, explaining the consistent demand in the market, which kept the prices on the higher side. Raw materials, like ammonium sulfate, are commonly employed as nitrogen sources in manufacturing Methionine. In September, the cost of ammonium sulfate saw an uptick due to increased global inquiries, leading to a subsequent rise in Methionine prices.

China's manufacturing industry is displaying encouraging signs of revival, boosting confidence in the country's economic recovery after a significant slowdown earlier this year. In September, China's manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) witnessed a gradual increase, reentering the expansionary zone. This signifies a rejuvenation in factory operations and signals a promising resurgence of the economy in the nation. Moreover, there is a consistent rise in new orders, highlighting continued growth in the manufacturing market.. This encouraging trend has increased business confidence and fueled a strong desire to expand manufacturing capacity, further contributing to the upward trajectory of Methionine prices. Moreover, the domestic raw material sulfuric acid cost also climbed in September, causing Methionine prices to rise.

In the United States, a gauge of wholesale prices climbed more than expected in September, indicating that the US economy is facing simmering inflationary pressures. According to the most recent Labor Department statistics, the producer price index, which gauges the costs of finished goods paid by manufacturers, gained 0.5% for the month. Wholesale goods prices rose 0.9%, with energy costs up 3.3%, accounting for roughly three-quarters of the increase. Gasoline prices rose 5.4%, accounting for most of the increase in goods prices, while food prices rose 0.9%. This resulted in higher transportation and operating costs, which raised the price of Methionine.

In September, German inflation achieved its most favorable level since the start of Russia's all-out invasion of Ukraine, signaling a crucial turning point in reducing the heavy inflationary pressures that have beset Europe's economic powerhouse. According to the most current data from the Federal Statistics Office, Germany's inflation rate has just dropped dramatically, gracefully leveling at a measly 4.5%. This significant drop comforts consumers while raising market demand and contributing to increased Methionine prices in Germany.

According to ChemAnalyst, Methionine prices are projected to rise modestly in the next months due to constant demand from end-users and low market stocks. Furthermore, the prevailing high inflation, propelled by the escalating prices of oil due to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, is expected to bolster this trend further and subsequently lead to an elevation in Methionine prices.

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