Metso and Almalyk MMC Sign Agreement for Copper Smelter Delivery in Uzbekistan
Metso and Almalyk MMC Sign Agreement for Copper Smelter Delivery in Uzbekistan

Metso and Almalyk MMC Sign Agreement for Copper Smelter Delivery in Uzbekistan

  • 03-Apr-2024 6:29 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

In a move set to redefine the landscape of Uzbekistan's metallurgical industry, Metso and JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Company (Almalyk MMC) have recently reached a significant milestone by finalizing a frame agreement. This agreement delineates essential process technology deliveries crucial for Almalyk MMC's upcoming investment in a copper smelter in Uzbekistan. The culmination of this agreement marks a pivotal moment in the enduring partnership between the two entities, which has been in existence since 2011, with a primary focus on minerals processing and metallurgical operations.

Under the terms of the agreement, contracts for equipment packages will be formalized upon their signing and confirmation of effectiveness. Metso is optimistic that the majority of these contracts will materialize within the current fiscal year. This frame agreement seamlessly extends the collaboration initiated between Metso and Almalyk MMC towards the latter part of 2022, primarily revolving around the design and basic engineering facets of the copper smelter project.

The envisioned production capacity of the new copper smelter, slated for integration with Almalyk MMC's existing operations in Almalyk, is ambitiously set at 300,000 tons per annum (tpa) of copper cathodes and 1.8 million tpa of sulphuric acid. Reflecting on this strategic collaboration, Piia Karhu, President of Metso's Metals business area, expressed satisfaction, stating, "We are very pleased to be selected as the strategic partner for Almalyk MMC's smelter project." Karhu underscored Metso's unwavering commitment to providing Almalyk MMC with cutting-edge, sustainable Planet Positive technology for their copper refining endeavors.

Almalyk MMC proudly stands as the leading copper producer in Uzbekistan, showcasing a diverse portfolio that includes refined copper, gold, silver, zinc, molybdenum, lead concentrate, and various other products. This collaborative venture between Metso and Almalyk MMC serves as a resounding testament to their shared dedication to advancing technological innovation and fortifying Uzbekistan's metallurgical sector's capabilities.

Metso, recognized globally as a leader in sustainable technologies, offers comprehensive solutions and services meticulously tailored to cater to the diverse needs of the global aggregates, minerals processing, and metals refining industries. Leveraging their extensive expertise, Metso continually endeavors to facilitate improvements in customers' energy and water efficiency, enhance productivity, and mitigate environmental risks.

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Metso proudly boasts a workforce exceeding 17,000 individuals spread across nearly 50 countries. The company's robust performance in the year 2023, with sales amounting to approximately EUR 5.4 billion, further solidifies its position as a key player in the industry. This strategic partnership between Metso and Almalyk MMC heralds a transformative phase for Uzbekistan's metallurgical sector, underpinned by innovation, sustainability, and strategic collaboration.

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