Middle Core Titanium invests 1.2B Yuan in 600KT Titanium Concentrate, 700KT Iron Powder
Middle Core Titanium invests 1.2B Yuan in 600KT Titanium Concentrate, 700KT Iron Powder

Middle Core Titanium invests 1.2B Yuan in 600KT Titanium Concentrate, 700KT Iron Powder

  • 12-May-2023 5:38 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

China: Nuclear Titanium White made an announcement regarding a framework agreement signed with the Hami City people's government. The agreement aims to attract investment from Sinonuclear Titanium White. Sinonuclear Titanium White has received support from the Hami Municipal Government for its plan to invest ¥1.2 billion in a new subsidiary based in Hami. The subsidiary will be responsible for the construction of a project that will comprehensively utilize tailing slag and low-grade Vanadium Titanium Magnetite in Hami.

The project is projected to generate a yearly output of 600,000 tons of Titanium concentrate and 700,000 tons of Iron concentrate powder. Party A will collaborate with Sinonuclear Titanium White to ensure that the Vanadium Titanium Magnetite, water, electricity, land, and other resources needed for the project are fully utilized.

Sinonuclear Titanium Dioxide's new investment will accelerate the efficient and sustainable use of Hami city's mineral resources, particularly Vanadium and Titanium. By building a Vanadium and Titanium industry cluster, this investment aims to drive high-quality development and achieve new heights for the local economy. Sinonuclear Titanium Dioxide hopes to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with the government and local enterprises to promote the growth of Vanadium and Titanium industries in the Hami region.

Sinocore Titanium White plans to implement the integration of mining and mineral processing enterprises in Weiya region to establish a green and smart mine. Along with the construction of 600,000 tons of Titanium concentrate and 700,000 tons of iron concentrate powder per year, the company is also aiming to venture into the Vanadium related industry chain in Hami area.

Sinonuclear Titanium Dioxide has signed a framework agreement with the Hami Municipal Government as a measure to establish its position in the resource business sector. The agreement aims to promote investment projects through government-enterprise cooperation, efficiently. Once the investment project is completed, the company will achieve an annual production capacity of 600 thousand tons of Titanium concentrate, leading to high self-sufficiency in the supply of the main raw material for Titanium Dioxide. This will help the company build a vertically integrated industrial chain, strengthen its core competitiveness, and increase profitability.

China Titanium White has announced the signing of a framework agreement, which aligns with the company's plans to integrate its Vanadium Titanium industry and supports its future business development. This decision is expected to have a positive impact on the company's resources business and will pave the way for the implementation of its green cycle industry project, which includes Sulfur, Phosphorus, Iron, Titanium, and Lithium. Overall, this agreement sets a solid foundation for China Titanium White's future growth and success.

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