By 2023, Demand for Amsul in Myanmar is Expected to Soar
By 2023, Demand for Amsul in Myanmar is Expected to Soar

By 2023, Demand for Amsul in Myanmar is Expected to Soar

  • 17-Apr-2023 3:45 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Myanmar: By 2023, Myanmar (Burma) will increase its imports of Ammonium Sulphate (Amsul), which it would utilise as fertiliser for its crops and as a key ingredient in the rare earths mining industry. In Burma's agricultural industry, fertiliser is one of the most imported goods. Around 1.2 to 1.4 million tonnes of agrochemical, inorganic, and organic fertilisers are projected to be imported annually from China, Thailand, Malaysia. Amsul has traditionally been imported into Myanmar from China, and throughout the coming year, it is anticipated that this upward trend will continue. China shipped 303,400 t of Amsul to Myanmar in January through February, a significant rise over the 29,000 t shipped the year before.

The prices for Amsul have been declining since October 2021. Consequently, Myanmar's fertiliser importers expanded their purchases of Amsul in the first quarter of 2022; this development comes as a welcome replacement for pricey and limited urea purchases from China. However, the usage of the mineral in the nation's rare earths mining sector has been the main factor driving Myanmar's considerable increase in Amsul imports in 2023 so far.

Amsul's demand is projected to keep rising along with the global electric vehicle (EV) market as it is an essential raw material in the rare earths mining process. As a result of trying to supply EV manufacturers' demands for rare earth ore, Myanmar's rare earths sector may see an increase in Amsul output.

According to recent news, rare earth importers who usually utilize Caprolactam-grade Amsul, of higher quality for agricultural use and priced at a premium, are now opting for Steel-grade Amsul due to its competitive pricing. Steel-grade Amsul is now a more cost-effective option for consumers in Myanmar as a result of decreased prices brought on by increased demand in China's domestic market.

Despite a modest decline in demand for Amsul recently as a result of how the next monsoon season will influence mining operations, it is anticipated that demand will eventually increase for the rest of the year to support imports.

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