Nano liquid Urea Plant in India May Affect the Imports Of Urea. Let’s Find Out How
Nano liquid Urea Plant in India May Affect the Imports Of Urea. Let’s Find Out How

Nano liquid Urea Plant in India May Affect the Imports Of Urea. Let’s Find Out How

  • 14-Jun-2022 2:44 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

Gandhinagar, India- Urea, which has a significant contribution to the fertilizer industry where it is used as a nitrogen-release fertilizer, is majorly imported to India from China and Brazil. On 28th May, PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the world’s first nano Urea plant by Indian Farmer’s fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) at Gandhinagar.

The liquid nano urea plant has been constructed at around INR 175 crores by IFFCO to boost crop productivity among the farmers and decrease its import levels. This plant will produce 1.5 lakh bottles of 500mL capacity per day. It aims to reduce the unbalance and indiscriminate use of conventional urea and can curtail the same requirement by 50%.

Let’s throw some light on the need for this technology which aims to achieve the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Liquid Nano Urea is directly sprayed on the leaves and directly absorbed by the plants. Fertilizers in Nano form provide a targeted supply of nutrients to the crop. Nano urea is expected to be a game-changer with its ample benefits to the soil, where it will reduce soil infertility and environmental degradation. It will also reduce the country’s reliance on significant Urea exporting countries and reduce the heavy subsidy bills from the government to farmers.

According to ChemAnalyst, the first Nano liquid Urea plant is expected to provide relaxation to the government and the farmers. In the near future, the government aims to open eight more new Nano Urea plants across the country. It will be cost-effective and required in low quantities. It will also aim to reduce the release of greenhouse gasses and improve the quantity of air and water. The innovation is not just limited to Urea; Indian scientists are working to develop more nano fertilizers to ensure easy availability of crucial agricultural input.

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