Nanologica Supplies Silica to Insulin Manufacturer for Production Assessment
Nanologica Supplies Silica to Insulin Manufacturer for Production Assessment

Nanologica Supplies Silica to Insulin Manufacturer for Production Assessment

  • 17-Oct-2023 7:05 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

Nanologica, a distinguished technology company renowned for its expertise in nanoporous silica particles, has recently honored an order from a prominent insulin manufacturer located in Asia. This order, which was initially placed last year, encompassed a significant quantity of silica intended for a meticulous full-scale production evaluation.

What sets this transaction apart is that Nanologica has generously provided the silica delivery without any charge. Their expectation, in return, is to garner invaluable insights and results stemming from the conclusive evaluation. In this endeavor, the customer, identified as one of the world's leading insulin manufacturers, will be responsible for bearing all the ancillary costs associated with this comprehensive production assessment. The hope is that if the outcome of this evaluation proves favorable, it would pave the way for Nanologica to initiate negotiations for long-term supply agreements, a prospect that might materialize within the span of a year.

Andreas Bhagwani, the Chief Executive Officer of Nanologica, has shared insights into the extensive history of dialogues and discussions with this particular customer. The focal point of these conversations revolved around devising strategies to enhance the cost-efficiency of insulin and other diabetes drug production. With the successful delivery of the requisite volume of silica, the customer can now proceed with the full-scale production evaluation. This marks a pivotal moment for Nanologica, positioning the company favorably in its endeavor to qualify as a supplier for this indispensable component within the intricate production process.

Prior to this landmark delivery, Nanologica's silica had been the subject of successful evaluations, specifically tailored for preparative chromatography and marketed as NLAB Saga®. Several discerning customers had previously undertaken evaluations on a smaller scale, further solidifying the trust in Nanologica's expertise. Over the course of the past year, Nanologica had the privilege of receiving a multitude of orders specifically geared towards larger-scale evaluations.

Andreas Bhagwani expounded on this progress, emphasizing the diversity of the orders they've had the privilege of securing. Although the current delivery primarily pertains to one specific product type, Nanologica has ambitious plans to progressively introduce various other product types into the market. This strategic decision signifies a significant advancement in their quest to establish themselves as a reliable and highly regarded supplier of top-tier silica, specifically designed for the purification of peptides.

The recent developments at Nanologica resonate with their unwavering dedication to innovation and their steadfast commitment to excellence within the sphere of nanoporous silica particles. The ability to form strategic collaborations underscores the company's determination to expand its footprint and consolidate its position in the global marketplace. Beyond the immediate fulfillment of this order, this endeavor brings them one step closer to solidifying a long-term supply agreement with a major insulin manufacturer, while simultaneously setting the stage for future growth and expansion in other specialized domains.

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