Neo Pentyl Glycol Price Rises in the US Under Shipping Constraints, But Plays in Contrast to Asia
Neo Pentyl Glycol Price Rises in the US Under Shipping Constraints, But Plays in Contrast to Asia

Neo Pentyl Glycol Price Rises in the US Under Shipping Constraints, But Plays in Contrast to Asia

  • 24-Jan-2024 2:31 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

In the initial half of January 2024, distinctive trends were observed in the global Neo Pentyl Glycol (NPG) market across key regions. In the West, prices exhibited an upward trajectory during the first week of January, influenced by rising Crude Oil prices and uncertainties in global trade. Nevertheless, as the month advanced, prices stabilized in response to subdued demand. In contrast, the Asian market experienced a decline in prices of NPG throughout the first half of January, attributed to the lacklustre performance of the downstream paints and coatings industry.

In the United States, the NPG market experienced a notable surge, witnessing a substantial increase of 1.4% during the initial week of January. This upward price movement is intricately connected to elevated shipping rates originating from the country, primarily propelled by uncertainties in major shipping routes. The enduring Red Sea crisis, persisting for a consecutive second month, is progressively exerting a significant influence on the global supply chain. The prolonged Red Sea crisis has contributed to a continuous escalation of attacks on ships, thereby propelling ocean freight rates to higher levels. This, in turn, has prompted concerns about potential inflationary pressures and delays in the delivery of goods. Notably, in response to a recent attack, the container shipping company Maersk declared its decision to reroute all vessels away from Red Sea routes. Instead, the company will navigate around Africa's Cape of Good Hope in the foreseeable future, significantly increasing tonne-miles. The consequential impact of these developments has created a multifaceted challenge for global trade, leading to heightened transportation costs. Consequently, to safeguard their profit margins, traders have implemented price increases across various commodities, including NPG. Nevertheless, as the month progressed, the prices of NPG stabilized, indicating a return to equilibrium amid weakened demand from the domestic paints and coatings market. Despite facing elevated borrowing costs, the construction spending sector managed to sustain stability, while the manufacturing sector encountered persistent challenges during this period.

 Simultaneously, in the initial half of January 2024, the cost of NPG experienced a reduction in the Asian market. This decrease was predominantly linked to an ample supply of products alongside diminished demand, leading to a reduced export volume and an unusually elevated import volume. Presently, China exhibits an excess supply of NPG, with a noteworthy portion of production capacity yet to be operationalized in the first half of the new year. In an effort to alleviate inventory pressure, traders of NPG strategically implemented new discounts to stimulate market activity.

ChemAnalyst projects a potential continuation of upward momentum in NPG market prices in the upcoming days. This trajectory is expected to be fuelled by the escalation of input costs, a surge in operating rates, and consistent demand from the downstream paints and coatings industry. The intricate interplay of these global factors underscores the dynamic nature of the NPG market as it navigates through challenges and seizes opportunities within the prevailing economic landscape.

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