Neotex Invests in Advanced Non-Woven Fabric Production to Reduce Imports and Boost Domestic Industry
Neotex Invests in Advanced Non-Woven Fabric Production to Reduce Imports and Boost Domestic Industry

Neotex Invests in Advanced Non-Woven Fabric Production to Reduce Imports and Boost Domestic Industry

  • 19-Oct-2023 6:01 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

Neotex, a company based in Kireevsk, in the Tula region of Russia, has recently completed the construction and launch of a state-of-the-art production complex for Non-Woven Fabric. These materials are composed of various layers of spun-bond and meltblown, both made from polypropylene fibers. This project is supported by the Federal Industrial Development Fund (IDF), and the facility is set to produce a substantial 16 thousand tons of non-woven material annually. The total investment in this ambitious venture has surpassed 970 million rubles, with a significant portion of 705 million rubles being provided by the IDF as a preferential loan under the Priority Projects program.

The key innovation that sets Neotex apart is its use of fourth-generation technology known as spun-blow technology. This technique results in non-woven materials that exhibit exceptional qualities. They are highly resistant to abrasion, creasing, and tearing. Additionally, these materials have low electrical conductivity and can withstand various environmental factors, such as atmospheric and temperature influences. Furthermore, they have the ability to be uniformly and deeply colored, making them versatile for a range of applications.

The demand for Non-Woven Fabric made from polypropylene in the construction industry is substantial. They are used for preparing road bases, waterproofing foundations and roofs, landscaping, and thermal insulation. Moreover, these materials find application in the production of industrial and energy equipment, filters for the oil industry, agricultural covering materials, and medical and hygiene products.

One significant aspect of this development is its potential to reduce Russia's reliance on imported non-woven materials. Previously, approximately 40% of the Russian Non-Woven Fabric market was supplied by imports, primarily from China, where prices remained stable. However, market activity faced a slowdown after the national day holiday in China. Nevertheless, there is optimism regarding the recovery of demand in the coming weeks as the textile market gradually regains its momentum.

Neotex has set ambitious goals for its market presence. The company aspires to secure about 8% of the domestic market share and aims to be counted among the top ten largest producers of Non-Woven Fabric in the Russian Federation. By achieving this, they will not only contribute to the nation's self-sufficiency in this sector but also create a significant economic impact in the Tula region.

In conclusion, Neotex's investment in cutting-edge Non-Woven Fabric production marks a significant milestone in Russia's industrial landscape. The use of advanced technology and the IDF's support position the company to meet the country's growing demand for high-quality Non-Woven Fabric across a wide range of industries, reducing reliance on foreign imports and stimulating domestic economic growth.

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