Nestlé Incorporates Sustainability with 50% Recycled PET in Pure Life Bottles
Nestlé Incorporates Sustainability with 50% Recycled PET in Pure Life Bottles

Nestlé Incorporates Sustainability with 50% Recycled PET in Pure Life Bottles

  • 14-Dec-2023 12:09 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

Nestlé Nigeria has taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability by introducing new bottles that incorporate fifty percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). This move effectively slashes the use of virgin plastics in the company's packaging by a noteworthy 50%, marking a substantial milestone in Nestlé Nigeria's pursuit of achieving 100% plastics neutrality.

The incorporation of 50% rPET in Nestlé Pure Life bottles is a crucial development not only in minimizing the reliance on new plastics but also in contributing to the last mile of plastics circularity. Mr. Wassim Elhusseini, the Managing Director and CEO of Nestlé Nigeria PLC, expressed his enthusiasm about this achievement and emphasized the company's commitment to sustainable practices.

Since 2018, Nestlé Nigeria has been actively collaborating with partners to adhere to a "one tonne in, one tonne out" principle, aiming to recover as much plastic as it sells. In 2021, the company took a significant step by joining forces with ALEF to cut virgin plastic in its packaging by a third by 2025. Mr. Elhusseini acknowledged the collaborative efforts with ALEF and emphasized the resilience of the team in achieving the 50% rPET inclusion in water bottles.

He also gave credit to regulatory agencies, including NESREA, SON, and NAFDAC, for ensuring compliance with the highest standards. Nestlé Nigeria has been actively involved in developing efficient collection, sorting, and recycling systems for PET in the country, collaborating with stakeholders to increase collection and create a recycling ecosystem.

Mr. Wissam Ramlawi, Managing Director of ALEF Recycling Company, highlighted the rigorous journey of working closely with Nestlé's technical and quality assurance teams to meet the company's demanding standards and procedures. He also acknowledged the cooperation with regulators and suppliers to achieve the desired food-grade quality standards for rPET.

Joy Abdulahi-Johnson, Category and Marketing Manager for Nestlé Waters, emphasized that achieving 50% rPET in Nestlé Pure Life bottles aligns with the brand's purpose. Despite the two years of painstaking diligence required for launching the new rPET bottle, Nestlé remains dedicated to rigorous safety processes and is continually taking steps to minimize the environmental impact of its production processes.

The timing of the launch coincides with the introduction of the new global identity for Nestlé Pure Life, reflecting the brand's evolution towards sustainability. The Honourable Minister for Environment, Balarabe Abbas Lawal, commended Nestlé's commitment to environmental sustainability, acknowledging the positive impact on natural resources and local economies.

Nestlé's commitment to increasing the use of rPET across its global brands is evident, and in Nigeria, it stands out as the first to achieve rPET inclusion in its Water brand. This move sets a positive precedent for other companies to follow suit, promoting responsible and sustainable practices in the packaging industry.

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