Nevada Lithium Reveals Remarkable High-Grade Lithium Discoveries at Bonnie Claire
Nevada Lithium Reveals Remarkable High-Grade Lithium Discoveries at Bonnie Claire

Nevada Lithium Reveals Remarkable High-Grade Lithium Discoveries at Bonnie Claire

  • 28-Feb-2024 12:15 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Nevada Lithium Resources Inc. (CSE: NVLH, OTCQB: NVLHF) has recently disclosed compelling core assay results stemming from its latest round of diamond drilling activities conducted at the Bonnie Claire lithium project. These findings underscore significant high-grade lithium mineralization within the project area, marking a significant milestone for the company's exploration endeavors.

The company's statement elucidated that drilling operations achieved a depth of 2,500 feet, revealing substantial high-grade lithium mineralization within this depth range. Notably, a particularly noteworthy discovery was made within the depths, with a 680-foot intercept emerging as the thickest zone identified thus far. This zone exhibited lithium concentrations exceeding 4,000 parts per million (ppm), signifying a substantial and promising find for Nevada Lithium Resources Inc.

Moreover, Nevada Lithium informed shareholders of the anticipated lateral expansion of the mineralized zone, surpassing the threshold of 3,000 ppm. This expansion is expected to materialize through further drilling activities, indicating the project's potential for further resource delineation and expansion. Specifically, the drill hole designated as BC2303C represents a significant step-out venture, strategically positioned 1,510 feet northeast from the preceding drilling location. Additionally, it is noteworthy that this drill hole is situated over 1,540 feet eastward from the location of hole BC2201C, where the initial encounter with the mineralized zone exceeding 3,000 ppm was made. This spatial correlation highlights the continuity and extent of the high-grade lithium mineralization within the project area.

It is worth mentioning that five drill holes have successfully penetrated the high-grade mineralized zone, all within the defined prefeasibility study (PFS) resource upgrade area. However, it is crucial to note that a substantial portion of this mineralized zone extends beyond the existing resource boundaries, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive reassessment of the 2024 work plan. This strategic review aims to optimize the utilization of the latest assay results and maximize the project's potential for resource expansion and enhancement.

In response to these developments, Nevada Lithium Resources Inc. is considering adjustments to the project's PFS resource upgrade drilling locations and depths to accommodate the newfound high-grade mineralization adequately. Despite the challenges posed by this endeavor, the company remains steadfastly optimistic about the prospectivity of the Bonnie Claire project. Nevada Lithium Resources Inc. firmly believes that the project has yet to reveal its full potential and asserts that it represents an asset of global significance, continually appreciating in value.

Moving forward, the primary focus of Nevada Lithium remains on advancing the prefeasibility study (PFS), utilizing the latest findings to refine proposed mining methodologies and enhance project economics. The company aims to complete the PFS by late 2024 or early 2025, underscoring its unwavering commitment to driving the project forward and maximizing its commercial viability. Through diligent exploration efforts and strategic decision-making, Nevada Lithium Resources Inc. endeavors to unlock the full potential of the Bonnie Claire lithium project and establish itself as a key player in the global lithium market.

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