Nexam Chemical's Breakthrough in PP Recycling Receives Industry Validation
Nexam Chemical's Breakthrough in PP Recycling Receives Industry Validation

Nexam Chemical's Breakthrough in PP Recycling Receives Industry Validation

  • 07-Mar-2024 12:53 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Nexam Chemical, a prominent chemical company based in Sweden, has achieved a major milestone in the realm of polypropylene (PP) recycling with the scientific validation of its Reactive Recycling additives. This groundbreaking technology addresses the challenges associated with the molecular degradation of polymers during recycling, offering a sustainable and efficient solution. The validation of these additives comes at a crucial time when the demand for polymer circularity is growing, aiming to overcome the limitations often associated with mechanical recycling, which is perceived as a downcycling process.

The Reactive Recycling additives developed by Nexam Chemical represent a patented technology designed to repair polymers that undergo degradation during the recycling process. This innovation is poised to contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable recycling processes, aligning with the increasing global emphasis on circular economy practices.

Nexam Chemical's Reactive Recycling additives have undergone extensive scientific research, providing evidence of their effectiveness in restoring molecular weight and enhancing the processability of recycled polypropylene (rPP). The validation addresses a critical need in the recycling industry, particularly benefiting high-demand engineering sectors that require materials with consistent quality and performance.

Available under the brand name Reactive Recycling, these additives have demonstrated versatility by being suitable for both post-industrial and post-consumer mechanical recycling processes. Beyond merely maintaining the quality of recycled PP, these additives play a pivotal role in supporting the global transition to a circular economy, addressing the challenges posed by the limited processability and quality of recycled materials.

The validation of Nexam Chemical's Reactive Recycling additives holds far-reaching implications for the circular economy. By addressing the challenges associated with the downcycling perception of mechanical recycling, these additives provide a pathway for achieving recycled PP with improved properties. This, in turn, supports the circular economy's goals of minimizing waste, promoting sustainable practices, and optimizing the use of resources.

The study conducted by Politecnico di Torino underscores the positive impact of Nexam Chemical's Reactive Recycling additives on the processability and flow characteristics of recycled PP. This is particularly crucial in industries where the performance of materials during processing plays a pivotal role in the overall quality of the final products. The modulable flow characteristics and enhanced processability offered by these additives open new avenues for utilizing rPP in applications that were traditionally limited to virgin materials.

Nexam Chemical's achievement in the scientific validation of its Reactive Recycling additives represents a significant breakthrough in the field of polypropylene recycling. By addressing the molecular degradation issues associated with recycled polymers, these additives pave the way for sustainable and efficient recycling processes. The positive outcomes of scientific research, coupled with their applicability in various recycling processes, position Reactive Recycling as a key player in advancing the circular economy agenda. As industries increasingly embrace sustainable practices, Nexam Chemical's contribution marks a noteworthy step towards a more environmentally conscious and resource-efficient future.

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