Nitro Chlorobenzene Prices Gain in the First Week of January 2024 as Optimism Persists Globally
Nitro Chlorobenzene Prices Gain in the First Week of January 2024 as Optimism Persists Globally

Nitro Chlorobenzene Prices Gain in the First Week of January 2024 as Optimism Persists Globally

  • 15-Jan-2024 5:12 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

Nitro Chlorobenzene prices surged in the first week of January 2024 after experiencing a significant decline in the early weeks of December 2023, as optimism persists in the markets regarding the general economic situation. The dyes and pigment market is witnessing an uptick in demand sentiments after eight to nine months of contraction in demand from early 2023, primarily due to weakening export demand from Europe and the USA. Nitro Chlorobenzene demand in 2023 was largely driven by agrochemicals and pharmaceutical volumes. In the first week, an uptick in procurement activities in the dyes and pigments market was observed, stabilizing the declining trend of prices. Para Nitro Chlorobenzene was traded around USD 1200/mt spot prices in the early week of January in Asian markets, deflating by 6% YoY basis while remaining 12% above pre-pandemic price levels.

In European and American markets, demand for Nitro Chlorobenzene and derivatives remained subdued in FY23, influenced by high supplier costs and lower demand from end-use sectors like hair dyes and textile markets. European markets observed a 14% YoY deflating pricing trend in the first week of FY24, while price levels remained 7% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Dutch economists have alluded to a rise in demand for Nitro Chlorobenzene derivatives in European markets in FY24 as consumer dyes and textiles markets are set to recover. Textile markets are expected to recover in FY24 as prices have deflated, alleviating large inflationary stress and generating demand for Nitro Chlorobenzene derivatives. Furthermore, American markets are observing a strong recovery in consumerism due to stabilized domestic energy markets and strong service sector growth. The robust growth in the service sector and export volumes continues to provide demand for dyes and Nitro Chlorobenzene derivatives.

Asian markets are witnessing a strong bullish trend in the early weeks of FY24, with Chinese markets driving the prices up. Quotations of Nitro Chlorobenzene revealed that USD 1220/mt spot prices were recorded in Qingdao in the early weeks, pulling up prices by 5% on a weekly basis, largely driven by the market’s optimism for FY24. Upstream benzene prices have been on a bullish rally in Asian markets, triggering further cost pressures into the downstream Nitro Chlorobenzene value chain. Dyes markets are observing an uptick from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean markets, largely in the consumer and textile sections. Polyester staple fiber prices recovered in the early weeks of FY24, complementing demand for dyes. The Chinese economy continues to face a domestic demand slump owing largely to a housing crisis and high financial debt on citizens, and subdued export markets as the US and Europe avoid Chinese volumes. Other Asian markets like India, Japan, etc., are observing robust demand for Nitro Chlorobenzene, with Indian markets undertaking restocking operations early in the week as inventories remained on the lower end.

Despite strong optimism, market data also reveals challenges to Nitro Chlorobenzene demand in FY24, beginning with a shipping container shortage and a rise in feedstock prices by the second quarter of FY24, which could lead to further subduction in demand and FY24 volumes going below FY23 volumes if interest rates, and the high cost of living persist in the economy. Dyes and textile demand for the consumer market are largely dependent on reducing rent pressures, energy pressure subduction; hence, central banks across the world need to support dovish monetary policies, according to one market player, to stabilize prices of Nitro Chlorobenzene. Pharmaceutical and agrochemical demand are anticipated to remain robust with a marginal improvement of 0.5% YoY recovery in prices in the coming months, provided interest rate pressure dissipates and revives consumption in the global economy.

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