Nova Chemicals Establishes Center of Excellence for Plastics Circularity
Nova Chemicals Establishes Center of Excellence for Plastics Circularity

Nova Chemicals Establishes Center of Excellence for Plastics Circularity

  • 15-Mar-2024 6:16 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

NOVA Chemicals Corporation, known as NOVA Chemicals, has introduced its Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity, establishing it as a central hub for knowledge exchange and technological advancement within the realm of the circular economy of plastics. Designed to function as a collaborative network, the Centre of Excellence will bring together industry innovators and Canadian research institutions sharing a unified vision of driving global initiatives towards sustainable plastics management.

Rooted in the objective of fostering Canadian innovation and aligning with global plastics sustainability goals, the Centre pursues two primary initiatives. Firstly, through R&D Collaboration, it aims to tackle the multifaceted challenges and opportunities surrounding plastics circularity by fostering collaborative relationships and integrating expertise across diverse disciplines encompassing material science, engineering, chemistry, environmental science, and public policy. Secondly, via Value Chain-Integrated Solutions, the Centre aims to tailor innovations to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders across the plastics value chain.By actively engaging strategic partners from industry, academia, and government, the Centre seeks to expedite the development and deployment of practical and scalable technologies to address critical industry challenges.

In extending an invitation to innovators from across Canada and beyond, NOVA Chemicals emphasizes its established track record in spearheading innovation and expresses enthusiasm in bridging the gap between pioneering concepts and commercially viable technologies. Committed to investing in the necessary technology and infrastructure to realize global ambitions, NOVA Chemicals reaffirms its dedication to propelling Canada to the forefront of petrochemical and plastics innovation as the world embraces the circular economy.

With a legacy spanning over five decades, NOVA Chemicals has evolved from its humble beginnings as a small pipeline company on the prairies to emerge as a significant contributor to the Canadian economy and a leading player in the North American petrochemical and plastics industry. Leveraging the expertise of its scientists at the Centres for Applied Research and Performance Applications, NOVA Chemicals continues to drive innovation as the largest private research entity in western Canada.

Additionally, as a founding member of Responsible Care®, the global chemistry industry’s standard for health, safety, security, and environmental performance, NOVA Chemicals remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability. Building upon the foundation laid by the 20+ years of education and science support provided by NOVA Chemicals’ genScience initiative, the Centre of Excellence assumes a pivotal role in supporting the company’s 2030 Roadmap, facilitating the development and transition to circular plastics. NOVA Chemicals aims to become the leading sustainable polyethylene producer in North America by achieving a 30 percent recycled content as part of its total polyethylene sales by 2030. Embarking on its mission, NOVA Chemicals launches its Call for Expression of Interest, targeting Canadian research institutions and focusing on mechanical recycling, advanced recycling, and microplastics, thereby furthering its commitment to advancing sustainable solutions within the plastics industry.

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