Nova Rolls Out its First Three 100% PCR Polyethylene Resins

Nova Rolls Out its First Three 100% PCR Polyethylene Resins

  • 7-Apr-2021
  • Journalist: Jaideep Kumar

The Canadian plastics and chemicals resin manufacturer, Nova Chemicals Corp. has announced expansion of its plastics portfolio by introducing the first three grades of 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene resin. The three resins are the first among the company’ wide portfolio of its PCR grades that it is planning to bring to the market to enable its brand owners and processors meet their sustainable packaging goals.

The three grades which will be the newest members of portfolio include-natural linear low/low density polyethylene PCR (rLLDPE/LDPE), natural rLLDPE/LDPE and white rLLDPE grade.

While natural linear low/low density polyethylene PCR (rLLDPE/LDPE) will be collected from distribution centers and will cater to collation shrink, stretch wrap and different e-commerce applications, natural rLLDPE/LDPE would be a recycled agricultural film and will find application in heavy-duty shipping sacks, collation shrink, trash bags and some other fields as well. White rLLDPE PCR will be produced from closed-loop agricultural and irrigation film recyclate which will be well-suited for applications similar to the other two grades.

Commenting on the Anna Rajkovic, circular economy market manager, Nova said “We’ve made remarkable progress in just the past few months. We are continuing to expand our PCR business and collaborate throughout the value chain to help the industry meet its sustainability commitments and advance the plastics circular economy”.

Nova also announced two supply agreements with major recyclers Merlin Plastics and Revolution which will provide the necessary feedstock components in the form of PCR resins. In its press release, the company mentioned that as per the agreement, Merlin Plastics Supply Inc. will supply Nova with high-density polyethylene (rHDPE) PCR resins which will be used in packaging applications like food packaging. While Revolution is expected to supply recycled low / linear low-density polyethylene (r(L)LDPE) PCR to Nova for heavy-duty shipping sacks and other packaging applications.

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