Novolex Integrates rPET Technology in Latest Food Packaging Solutions
Novolex Integrates rPET Technology in Latest Food Packaging Solutions

Novolex Integrates rPET Technology in Latest Food Packaging Solutions

  • 08-Dec-2023 12:37 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Novolex, a prominent manufacturer of packaging and food service products based in Hartsville, South Carolina, is set to launch a range of food packaging containers that boast both recyclability and a minimum of 10 percent postconsumer recycled (PCR) content.

Crafted under the umbrella of Novolex's brand, Waddington North America Inc., situated in Covington, Kentucky, these novel products encompass an assortment of sizes and types, including dessert cups, tamper-evident containers, cake containers, and bakery clamshells. The key feature of these innovations is the incorporation of at least 10 percent PCR content, aligning with Novolex's commitment to sustainability.

The notable additions to Novolex's product portfolio include Signature dessert cups, characterized by their transparent nature and availability in three different sizes, all equipped with a universal lid. These cups are constructed using polyethylene terephthalate (PET), ensuring both functionality and environmental consciousness.

Breaking ground in tamper-evident packaging, Novolex introduces the BreakAway containers. These clear containers feature a tamper-evident mechanism that signals when the top has been removed, ensuring the integrity of the package. Designed to be stackable, these containers are available in various sizes and shapes, enhancing their versatility.

In the realm of multiuse clamshells, Novolex offers clear containers with a secure closure mechanism, ensuring a tight seal to preserve the freshness of the enclosed food items. This line of clamshells is characterized by its availability in a variety of custom shapes and sizes, catering to diverse packaging needs.

Novolex, with its headquarters in Hartsville, South Carolina, oversees a network of 56 manufacturing plants spread across North America and Europe. Notably, the company operates two plastic film recycling facilities, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable practices throughout its operations.

As the global push for environmentally responsible practices gains momentum, Novolex's introduction of these innovative food packaging solutions underscores the company's dedication to meeting consumer demand for sustainable options. By integrating a minimum of 10 percent PCR content into these products, Novolex not only addresses environmental concerns but also contributes to the circular economy by utilizing recycled materials in its manufacturing processes.

The transparent and tamper-evident features of the new containers enhance both functionality and consumer trust. The CakePak's EZ Release system, with its user-friendly design, exemplifies Novolex's commitment to creating packaging solutions that prioritize convenience without compromising on sustainability.

In addition to serving as a pioneer in sustainable packaging, Novolex's operational footprint spans continents, showcasing its global influence in the packaging industry. The company's dual plastic film recycling facilities further exemplify its holistic approach to sustainability, extending beyond product innovation to encompass recycling infrastructure.

Novolex's foray into eco-friendly food packaging aligns with the evolving landscape of consumer preferences, where sustainability is increasingly becoming a non-negotiable criterion. The company's diverse product offerings, from dessert cups to tamper-evident containers, indicate a comprehensive approach to meeting the varied needs of its clientele while adhering to environmentally conscious principles.

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