OCI Global Supplies Low-Carbon Ammonia for Compo Expert Fertilizer
OCI Global Supplies Low-Carbon Ammonia for Compo Expert Fertilizer

OCI Global Supplies Low-Carbon Ammonia for Compo Expert Fertilizer

  • 11-Apr-2024 3:46 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

OCI Global (Euronext: OCI), a top-tier manufacturer of nitrogen, methanol, and hydrogen products, has commenced providing COMPO EXPERT, a renowned producer of premium specialty fertilizers and biostimulants, with low-carbon ammonia. This ammonia is utilized in the manufacturing process of COMPO EXPERT's NPK fertilizers, with the inaugural delivery occurring this week.

Initially, COMPO EXPERT intends to substitute 25% of its ammonia consumption at its Krefeld, Germany facility with OCI's low-carbon product this year. Moreover, the company has devised strategies to progressively elevate the proportion of OCI-supplied low-carbon ammonia in its production within the next two years.

OCI will provide COMPO EXPERT with ammonia, ensuring a 60% reduced carbon footprint compared to the industry norm, from its Texas, USA facilities. This supply will be facilitated through OCI's exclusive ammonia terminal and distribution center at the Port of Rotterdam.

For more than ten years, OCI has been furnishing COMPO EXPERT with ammonia for fertilizer manufacturing. The transition to low-carbon ammonia underscores the mutual dedication of both companies to sustainability and the decarbonization of their products.

Aviv Bar Tal, OCI Global's Global VP Commercial Nitrogen, expressed: "We're thrilled to provide COMPO EXPERT with our low-carbon ammonia, aiding them in their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of their fertilizers. Our enduring partnership with COMPO EXPERT is further solidified by this agreement, which initiates the utilization of low-carbon ammonia in their Krefeld production facility starting this year. OCI's objective is to progressively enhance the volume of low-carbon products supplied to our distribution clients in Europe, gradually substituting conventional products with more sustainable alternatives. We are substantially increasing our production of low-carbon ammonia, including at our Texas Blue Clean Ammonia facility, currently undergoing construction, with a capacity to produce an additional 1.1 million tonnes per year. Through our Rotterdam terminal, we are poised to support the European decarbonization efforts of existing industries, as well as cater to the needs of future energy and bunkering clients."

Dr. Ingo Müller, CEO of COMPO EXPERT, stated: "At COMPO EXPERT, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions while minimizing environmental impact. Taking a comprehensive approach, we consider not only our own production but also our raw materials, transportation, and product application. Given that ammonia is our primary raw material and makes the largest contribution to our carbon footprint, substituting 25% of our demand in 2024 with a lower carbon alternative is a significant step towards our objectives. We greatly value the efforts of our longstanding partner OCI in providing us with this environmentally friendly raw material, thus aiding us in offering more sustainable products. For us, adopting ammonia with a reduced carbon footprint represents more than just technological progress; it signifies a crucial stride towards fostering a more sustainable agriculture."

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