Origin Materials Collaborates with IMDvista on World’s First PET Cap and Closures
Origin Materials Collaborates with IMDvista on World’s First PET Cap and Closures

Origin Materials Collaborates with IMDvista on World’s First PET Cap and Closures

  • 06-May-2024 4:25 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

Origin Materials (“Origin”), a pioneering carbon-negative materials company dedicated to facilitating the global shift towards sustainable materials, has teamed up with IMDvista (“IMD”), a Swiss-based high-tech firm specializing in vision inspection for closures and other packaging components. Together, they have unveiled a strategic collaboration aimed at developing the world’s inaugural PET cap and closure manufacturing system.

John Bissell, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Origin, expressed, “With best-in-class manufacturing partners like IMD, we're integrating subsystems into our production line. Together, we're embarking on an unprecedented endeavor: developing the world's inaugural commercial-scale PET cap and closure manufacturing system. Our efficient system will enable us to extend the recycling, sustainability, and performance advantages of our PET cap and closure solution worldwide. We envision deploying numerous production lines, not only to enhance beverage packaging and ensure full recyclability but also to improve containers across various sectors.”

Bissell further commented, "IMD serves as an ideal collaborator for Origin as we establish our inaugural production line. As a prominent player in high-speed testing systems worldwide, IMD boasts a global presence, with headquarters in Switzerland and operations spanning the United States, Germany, and Taiwan, with installations on every continent. Their cutting-edge camera systems facilitate the inspection of thousands of closures per minute, enabling us to assess billions of caps annually. We are thrilled to collaborate with IMD and deeply appreciate their invaluable contributions as we introduce the world's first PET cap and closure manufacturing system."

IMD's Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Martin Gerber, expressed his belief, "Ultimately, a PET closure is the optimal choice." Recognizing the innovative potential of Origin’s PET caps and closures, Martin visited Origin’s manufacturing development system in Germany and was highly impressed. "I am confident that this closure will be successful," Gerber added.

Gerber noted that over the years, IMD has explored various methods for producing PET caps in collaboration with customers and partners. However, establishing a production line that consistently produces closures meeting market demands is a novel endeavor, even for IMD's seasoned CSO with 20 years of experience. Gerber stressed, "IMD is committing significant resources to enhance inspection and handling capabilities for PET caps, recognizing that this investment will generate swift and substantial returns."

"We are excited to exhibit our PET caps alongside the IMD team at their booth during the forthcoming NPE2024 conference in Orlando, Florida," remarked Bissell, who is scheduled to speak at the event.

For over a year, Origin and IMD have collaborated to advance Origin's high-throughput production system, aimed at manufacturing the world's inaugural PET caps and closures on a commercial scale. This solution represents a significant advancement in packaging, designed to enhance recycling circularity and performance. Origin's solution not only enhances recyclability and enables lightweighting but also extends product shelf life, tapping into a market exceeding $65 billion. Through partnerships with industry leaders like IMD, we are tackling the most pressing sustainability issues, aligned with our fundamental mission of ushering the world towards sustainable materials.

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